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BY ADAM CHAPNICK | November 03 2008

Professor uses plagiarism detection software to find troubles at the draft stage

BY BALBIR GILL | November 03 2008

A more nuanced statement of practice about student travel is in the works

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | November 03 2008

They say their ambiguous status at universities leads to low pay and other concerns

BY MARK CARDWELL | November 03 2008

If Michaël Imbeault got a dollar – even a dime – every time somebody visited his new website, he’d be rich. But the Université Laval doctoral student says he’s satisfied, for now at least, with the knowledge that he’s providing a free service that is helping people everywhere learn more about his favourite subject – […]

BY CAROLYN WONG | November 03 2008

In the age of box-office hits featuring advanced computer-generated imagery, a “special effects” medium from the past is making a comeback, and University of Manitoba professor Jim Bugslag is playing a key role in its return to the limelight. “Medieval stained glass was a special-effects medium that really wowed people in the Middle Ages and […]

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | November 03 2008

The poems of William Blake (1757-1827) are celebrated as some of the finest in the English language, but what is not well known by scholars is that he set many of his poems to music. “Some of his contemporaries talk in their memoirs about hearing Blake sing these songs at literary salons in London,” says […]

BY MOIRA FARR | November 03 2008

Gilbert Arbez loves his job. As a full-time “teaching associate” at the University of Ottawa’s school of information technology and engineering, Mr. Arbez has spent the past five years teaching undergraduate courses in computer science, software engineering and computer engineering. “I worked for many years in a lab with machines all day,” he says. “Now […]

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | November 03 2008

Sometimes a teacher can learn from his students. For Dalton Kehoe, an award-winning communications studies professor at York University, the opportunity to record his lectures newscaster-style in a professional studio seemed like a great idea – until he solicited student feedback on the finished product. “I like teaching and I have all kinds of awards […]

BY DANIEL DROLET | November 03 2008

Why job prospects for philosophy grads are brightening

BY NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | October 24 2008

Creative writing students at UBC strike compromise with the university to protect their future works

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | October 24 2008

Research share significantly higher than the average for other OECD countries

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | October 24 2008

Two universities joined the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada in October – the Canadian Mennonite University based in Winnipeg and Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver. Kwantlen has four campuses serving 9,500 full-time students pursuing degrees in the South Fraser region of B.C. Established in 1981, it gained official university status this past September […]

BY CAITLIN CRAWSHAW | October 06 2008

Athabasca University bills itself as “Canada’s open university,” a philosophy it has maintained since it began to offer distance-education courses to Canadian students in 1970. Last spring, the university took this philosophy further, launching Athabasca University Press, an open access (OA) scholarly press offering books, journals and websites to the public – free of charge. “It […]

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | October 06 2008

Canadian universities will soon have a national marketing tool to help them in their efforts to recruit more foreign students. The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada unveiled a marketing campaign for international education developed jointly by the federal, provincial and territorial governments. The campaign includes a logo – a stylized Canadian Maple Leaf – […]

BY TIM JOHNSON | October 06 2008

Academic style authority proposes new ways of citing web sources

BY FRED DONNELLY | October 06 2008

Released this past summer, the province of New Brunswick’s postsecondary education plan is certainly ambitious. Its stated goal is to create the best such education system in Canada, to increase provincial higher education participation rates, to make university education affordable, to increase the number of graduate students, to add 11,000 places for community college students […]

BY TIM LOUGHEED | October 06 2008

International group advises universities to stop using patents to measure IP success

BY EUGENIA XENOS | October 06 2008

Bringing an international dimension to the curriculum can seem daunting, especially at smaller universities where funding and resources may be limited. But at a recent workshop on internationalization for smaller institutions, one speaker reminded attendees that a university’s greatest resource – its students – can help faculty to integrate global or intercultural dimensions into the […]

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | October 06 2008

Countries are eyeing this vast resource as a potential energy source

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | October 06 2008

Weeks before the start of classes, first-year students at Trent University had already received their first assignment: read the novel Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden and come prepared to discuss it in seminar classes offered during orientation week in September. The idea, according to the university, was to alleviate students’ anxieties as they prepare […]

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