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August-Sept 2009

BY YVES GINGRAS | August 04 2009

This generous but ill-conceived program distorts the logic of graduate-school funding

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | August 04 2009

You’ve just been given the chance to teach your first academic course. It was not entirely expected, and you have less time than you would like to prepare. What do you do? The first steps are to stay calm and be realistic. Your first teaching experience will not be your best, your course is unlikely […]

BY DIANE MAR-NICOLLE | August 04 2009

B.C. judge Zahid Makhdoom moderates debate at Simon Fraser’s Philosopher’s Café

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 04 2009

After two years, peregrine falcons Roger and Spirit successfully hatched Algo and Polly

BY NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | August 04 2009

Ruling by Canada’s university sports body won’t keep SFU from switching to NCAA

BY SHELDON GORDON | August 04 2009

Six Canadian and two American teams participate in three-day event

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 04 2009

Personal information is likely being used for marketing

BY ANNE KERSHAW | August 04 2009

New centre brings researchers and industry together to benefit the environment

BY SAMANTHA CRAGGS | August 04 2009

Parchment initially thought to be from 15th century may be even older

BY NICK TAYLOR-VAISEY | August 04 2009

Canada’s science minister thinks his government has done a pretty good job of honouring its budget commitment to invest heavily in decaying postsecondary infrastructure across the country. Gary Goodyear has spent the better part of two months travelling to campuses and, along with his provincial counterparts, rolling out his government’s two-billion dollar Knowledge Infrastructure Program. […]


As they retire, baby boomers are heading back to school to stay active both intellectually and socially

BY PEGGY BERKOWITZ | August 04 2009

Academic Michèle Lamont shares her insights on the peer review process after she had rare access to the behind-the-scenes deliberations of several multi-disciplinary review panels

BY MOIRA FARR | August 04 2009

The practice of psychiatry has changed a great deal in the last 30 years, but the stigma still lingers

BY ANNE KERSHAW | June 15 2009

The University of Toronto says it is on solid financial and moral ground adopting flat tuition fees for its faculty of arts and science, a move that is projected to generate up to $14 million a year in funding. At a May meeting of its governing council, Canada’s largest university endorsed a plan to switch […]

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