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Aug-Sept 2016

BY TARA SIEBARTH | August 03 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE Be prepared: The challenges at the top LETTERS A lesser form of research? PEOPLE ON THE MOVE On July 1, Gillian Siddall began her term as vice-president, academic, and provost of OCAD University, and other appointments. CAMPUS U of Saskatchewan celebrates research diversity and impact with photography contest Drake a ‘game changer’ for […]

BY BARRY RIES | August 03 2016

Every university has a research office, by one name or another. Often it’s the Office of Research Services. Maybe it’s the Office of Sponsored Research, or Research Grant and Contract Services as at Memorial University. Maybe it’s Research @ (insert name here) or Recherche et création, as at Université Laval. Whatever the name, if you […]

BY PATRICIA HLUCHY | August 03 2016

Scholars praise the foundation for its “risk taking” and commitment to addressing timely public issues.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | August 03 2016

Presidential terminations and resignations are nothing new, even in the staid world of academia. Yet, rarely have they played out in so public a manner as the abrupt departure of president Arvind Gupta at the University of British Columbia in the summer of 2015 or the messy dismissal of Ilene Busch-Vishniac as president of the […]

BY TIM LOUGHEED | August 03 2016

This series sponsored by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences features notable humanities and social sciences researchers with smart ideas for a better tomorrow. This month we speak to Joel Westheimer, who holds the University Research Chair in Democracy and Education at the University of Ottawa. Joel Westheimer is intimately aware of the […]

BY RYLEY WHITE | August 02 2016

At the University of British Columbia, you can now take five on a toadstool – or rather, mellow out on a bench made of mushrooms. Outside of the UBC bookstore, the university has installed six benches made from a combination of sawdust and mushrooms. The project is one of several intended to showcase UBC research […]

BY ANQI SHEN | August 02 2016

In more than 30 years as an artist and designer, Lou-ann Neel has seen trends come and go. She has also grown accustomed to a common refrain from people who use her designs, which draw upon traditional styles of her Kwagiulth heritage, without seeking permission. “I’ve heard all kinds of stories around, ‘I’m honouring your […]

BY NATALIE SAMSON | August 01 2016

Surprise performances by the Toronto-born rapper reflect a transformation in Ryerson’s campus culture.

BY PAUL KEEN | July 28 2016

At the back of every conference organizer’s mind lurks the fear that sometimes you build it and they don’t come. That did not turn out to be a problem at the Future of the PhD in the Humanities conference held at Carleton University in May. Students, faculty and administrators came in droves from across the […]


On faith, metrics and the neoliberal university.

BY ANQI SHEN | July 27 2016

For a second year, the Images of Research competition showcases faculty and student research across a range of disciplines.

BY ALEX GILLIS | July 26 2016

Twenty-five years and just over 60 percent complete, the Dictionary of Old English is a labour of love for U of T scholars.


Established in 2002, the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec now brings together 21 universities and research centres, and 57 companies.


#100LaScience campaign posits science journalism as vital to the public good.


Canada’s science minister says she understands the research community and wants to hear its concerns.

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