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BY CHRIS HOUSER | June 07 2017

Don’t forget the faculty.

BY SALMA MAHGOUB | June 05 2017

Campus events range from lecture series and book launches to art exhibits and musical performances.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | June 02 2017

“We need to believe in ourselves and what we do, and convince others of its importance.”

BY FRANCES BULA | May 24 2017

UBC’s “Moments that Matter” course mines departmental expertise to transform a second-year history course into a team performance.


Faced with illegible handwriting and images of long-vanished sites, librarians digitizing piles of old postcards at UPEI turned to social media to tap into Islanders’ collective memory.


By its actions, the country has shown its deep commitment to diversity, inclusivity and global citizenry.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | April 11 2017

How students respond to failure is a strong predictor of future success.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 05 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE Back in the day: When should parents let go? LETTERS Ethical service learning abroad PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Rhonda Lenton has been appointed York University’s next president and vice-chancellor, effective July 1, and other appointments. CAMPUS Artists in residency exchange volunteer time for studio space Dalhousie’s dance with bhangra Library posts guide to […]

BY THERESA TAYLER | April 05 2017

It’s now simply a given among student affairs professionals that parents will be involved in their children’s lives at university.

BY BECKY RYNOR | April 05 2017

Thanks to ArcticNet, research in Canada’s Far North is thriving, but its funding runs out in 2018.

BY DAVID SMITH | April 05 2017

Engaging with students – both inside and outside the classroom – who are continually linked in to social media and online devices presents a range of opportunities, challenges and pitfalls.

BY DEBORAH POFF | April 04 2017

COPE’s principal objective is “to educate and advance knowledge in methods of safeguarding the integrity of the scholarly record for the benefit of the public.”

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | April 04 2017

The movement is also aiming to reimagine and democratize learning technologies.


The Maritime Bhangra Group’s viral videos are a celebration of Sikh culture and community activism that reach millions of viewers.

BY ANQI SHEN | March 31 2017

New partnership between Emily Carr University of Art + Design and downtown Prince George follows “time banking” model.

BY TIM LOUGHEED | March 29 2017

Eleven PhD grads are serving for one year in various federal departments around Ottawa.

BY LISA PHILIPPS | March 29 2017

One academic’s journey in search of new perspectives.

BY RAPHAELA NEHME | March 27 2017

Website offers tips for truth-seekers in an era of fake news, alternative facts and confirmation bias.

BY TIM LOUGHEED | March 16 2017

In September 2017, the university will admit the first cohort of students to its new MSCom program.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | March 08 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE Women’s studies: Fighting the good fight LETTERS The free exchange of academics PEOPLE ON THE MOVE On Feb. 1, Carrie Bourassa became the scientific director of the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health, one of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and other appointments. CAMPUS Canada Foundation for Innovation awards $18 million to Amundsen […]

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