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BY ISABEAU IQBAL | December 07 2016

Celebrating research that finds academic writers have varied writing practices.

BY JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | December 07 2016

This series, which is sponsored by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, features notable researchers in humanities and social sciences with smart ideas for a better tomorrow. This month, we are speaking with Marie-Odile Junker, a linguistics professor at Carleton University. Upon arriving in Canada in 1985, Marie-Odile Junker was surprised that you could learn any foreign […]

BY DIANE PETERS | December 07 2016

Once seen as a silly topic for academic study, boredom is now attracting scientists as well as humanities scholars.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | December 07 2016

The approach of Canada’s 150th anniversary, or sesquicentennial, provides an opportunity to reflect not just on where the country is heading, but also on where it’s been. To that effect, we decided to take a look back in the pages of University Affairs circa 1964 to 1967 to see what was preoccupying universities in the […]

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | December 06 2016

This fall I returned to teaching after a three-year hiatus. Two maternity leaves plus a sabbatical meant that, although I kept myself busy with other forms of scholarly activity, I had not stepped foot in a classroom for three years. That’s almost the lifespan of an undergraduate cohort, and in some ways the cultural imagery […]

BY DIANE PETERS | December 06 2016

Multidisciplinary group based at Dalhousie University plans to track subjects into adulthood to see what strategies lead to success.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | December 05 2016

Ryerson’s Eliza Chandler looks for what culture can do for disability that legislation can’t.

BY JEAN-FRANÇOIS VENNE | December 05 2016

Few Canadian universities offer French-immersion programs, yet such programs abound at the primary and secondary levels. A new book looks at this scarcity and offers solutions to foster new programs.

BY AARON W. HUGHES | December 02 2016

We’ve all heard about the “death of the humanities” – the decreasing enrolments and loss of full-time positions in these disciplines. What we tend to overlook is that, while there are certainly tenure-track jobs available in Canada, many tend to go to foreign-trained academics. However, until someone embarks on a much-needed and full-scale study on […]

BY NATALIE SAMSON | December 02 2016

Documentary-style series follows 10 students as they navigate campus and city life.

BY MARSHA BARBER | November 30 2016

One parent finds that, despite efforts to make it fairer, the process still favours those with money.

BY ANQI SHEN | November 28 2016

Concordia University Press is Quebec’s first fully open access scholarly press to publish in both French and English.

BY MARK CARDWELL | November 23 2016

New name and logo are first steps in an ambitious business and marketing strategy.

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