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March-April 2022

BY KERRY BANKS | March 15 2022

The perfectly preserved specimen is currently housed at the Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum in China.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | March 10 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE We’re getting there: May this be the last semester of pandemic disruptions LETTERS Happy to be retired CAMPUS Ontario Tech University explores the future of industrial robotics with a four-legged friend Dalhousie professor turns students into craft brewers New microcredential focuses on the importance of AI ethics NOTA BENE The pandemic has changed […]

BY FRANCES BULA | March 09 2022

Universities are exploring ways to build more student accommodations of all kinds amid a worsening shortage.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | March 07 2022

The hands-on brewing course was a unique opportunity for students amid the pandemic.

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | March 04 2022

One researcher shares the experience she gained conducting research with Indigenous groups in Canada and Ecuador.

BY BRIAN OWENS | March 02 2022

Some say there’s been too little progress toward supporting Canadian research in fundamental science.

BY MAXIME BILODEAU | March 01 2022

Whether they like it or not, Canadian institutions will have to address the issue of cybersecurity – before it’s too late.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | February 28 2022

‘People doing computer science degrees, of any sort, need ethical training,’ says one of the designers.

BY DALE KIRBY | February 24 2022

The results of a recent study suggest it hasn’t worked for Newfoundland and Labrador.

BY SARAH ELAINE EATON | February 22 2022

When addressing student plagiarism, it is easy to react emotionally, but as educators we need to keep a growth mindset even when we find ourselves in ethically challenging situations.