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BY ERIKA THORKELSON | January 18 2022

The Earthquake Engineering Research Facility is studying the dangers of seismic instability.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | January 13 2022

On any given day there is a nurse practitioner at the clinic to provide a range of services to students.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | January 13 2022

Experts say the ‘cash cow’ narrative belies policy challenges that need to be addressed.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 12 2022

They’ve been on the lips of a growing number of postsecondary administrators and faculty in recent years, and COVID-19 has only accelerated the trend.

BY BECKY RYNOR | January 11 2022

Marine biologist Shane Gero studies how sperm whales live. Now he wants to know what they are talking about.

BY HEATHER MCALPINE | January 07 2022

While the series highlights many of the problems currently facing university English departments, it offers very few solutions.

BY MERIC GERTLER | January 06 2022

The higher education community must act as a guiding light as we return to more in-person activities.

BY KERRY BANKS | January 05 2022

After prolonged delays, many academics are hoping to restart their stalled research projects.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | January 04 2022

The SciCards highlight unique and extraordinary animals, plants and even molecules.


Launched in 2019, the program is preparing to enter new stages, despite the pandemic.

BY YVES LABERGE | December 27 2021

How do we manage academic freedom, which should be unhindered, unrestricted and inviolable?

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