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July-August 2023

BY KURT KLEINER | July 07 2023

The government has promised billions of dollars for research and development to support future moon missions, with a long-term goal of sending people to Mars.


Over the last few months, several Canadian postsecondary institutions have issued policies or recommendations regarding the social media app.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | June 30 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE The fight for EDI doesn’t stop at campus gates LETTERS Three cheers for the scholarly graphic novel CAMPUS SFU football supporters cry foul Concordia researchers make breakthrough in 3D printing UNB professor introduces economics undergraduates to experiential learning New workshop series offers nursing faculties training in implementing TRC’s calls to action COLUMNS In […]

BY NATALIE SAMSON | June 28 2023

Photo contests are gaining in popularity as a powerful way to share and promote research.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | June 26 2023

Direct-sound printing can create objects in places that related technology can’t reach.

BY ASHLEY OKWUOSA | June 21 2023

The evolutionary ecologist made a name for herself with a headline-grabbing discovery early in her career. Now the University of Toronto Scarborough professor is using her platform to support the next generation of Black scientists.

BY PAUL DAVIDSON | June 20 2023

The outgoing president and CEO of Universities Canada reflects on the past 14 years.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | June 19 2023

The two-hour, voluntary sessions provide training in Indigenous specific racism, cultural humility, cultural safety and integrating the truth of colonization.

BY BRIAN OWENS | June 14 2023

National security agencies are taking a renewed interest in universities and their research in the face of rising geopolitical concerns.

BY SANNI YAYA | June 13 2023

Universities must work together to find new ways to collaborate and share knowledge using artificial intelligence.


Students ‘loved it, they had fun, they did extremely well and their marks reflected that,’ says the professor.

BY JOSH KOZELJ | May 30 2023

The Burnaby, B.C., university has appointed a special adviser to “explore options for a sustainable way forward” after it axed its football program in April.