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BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 21 2015

Listen to an audio interview about graduate earnings.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 23 2014

Instant feedback is extremely valuable to a teacher, especially in larger classes. Classroom response systems or clickers help make this possible.


Interview excerpts from our feature article “Examining the roots of the perennial gender gap in the STEM disciplines”.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 02 2013

MOOCs. They have the potential to revolutionize higher education – but will they?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | June 19 2013

From netbooks to iFrames and GIFs, the world of tech is getting a little nostalgic – but with a twist.


What do Twitter, Tumblr and citations have in common?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | March 27 2013

Are virtual worlds a dying technology or do they have a bright future in postsecondary education?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | February 27 2013

Aliases aren’t just for the infamous. Bibilotech podcast host Rochelle Mazar offers advice on separating the personal and the professional online.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 16 2013

How could the digital world shape course readings and course reserves?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | November 28 2012

Rochelle Mazar offers some advice on designing assigments that make it harder to plagiarize.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 24 2012

Does the very mention of Wikipedia make you cringe?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | September 26 2012

Are you worried that audio and video assignments aren’t worth the hassle? It just might be a lot simpler than you think.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 18 2012

Dump that heavy old laptop and treat yourself to one of the many new hardware devices now on the market.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | November 02 2011

Why aren’t you doing more with your course website?

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Just because they were born when computers were in every household, does not make Millenials all-knowing about the Internet or the technology that surrounds it.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | April 04 2011

Take your life back from e-mail, Google Reader and Twitter!

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | February 22 2011

Rochelle knows how to make your academic life easier. She tells you which software is worth investing in.

BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | January 12 2011

Rochelle thinks really far ahead. What will universities be like in 500 years?

BY UA/AU | December 06 2010

Rochelle explains the difference between Google searching and academic browsing – and why the two should not be confused.

BY UA/AU | November 08 2010

Rochelle explores the current state of university courseware and suggests how an ideal system should work.

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