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BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 19 2018

Looking for tips on how to cope during final exam period? We’ve got some ideas.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | February 09 2018

Highlighting Olympians who are currently working towards a university degree in Canada.

BY ANQI SHEN | August 22 2017

Christine Sincennes with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research talks about program statistics for the doctoral and fellowship awards, as well as gives advice for submitting a better application.

BY ANQI SHEN | August 15 2017

Learn more about Ryerson University’s urban rooftop farm.

BY UA/AU | August 11 2017

Melissa Dubreuil with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) gives her advice for applicants and award holders in the Talent Program.

BY SALMA MAHGOUB | April 24 2017

Scientists celebrate Earth Day by protesting the Trump administration’s approach to scientific research.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | December 13 2016

Much like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Harlem Shake meme, 2016 was the year of the Mannequin Challenge: a viral trend that saw thousands of participants and videos with millions of views. The Mannequin Challenge features a group of people frozen still in a specific setting, as the camera pans through the scene and […]

BY ANQI SHEN | October 12 2016

Midterm season is upon us. We know it’s a busy time of year, so we thought we’d help you procrastinate. Here are all the things you’ve heard on campus so far this semester, and some things you never will: “Should have gone to med school.” ARVE Error: No oembed html “It binds to the receptor.” ARVE […]

BY TARA SIEBARTH | August 03 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are in full swing! Despite controversies surrounding some of the venues, housing, as well as potential security risks, the Games are set to be an exciting platform for our Canadian athletes to show their best attributes. ARVE Error: No oembed html While we can’t showcase the over […]

BY ANQI SHEN | June 16 2016

Convocation: It’s a centuries-old tradition that means different things to different people, whether you’re a student, parent, faculty or staff member. Over time, many things stay the same, but now and then you are surprised. At the tail-end of June convocation season, we found some ceremonies over the years that stand out. Interned Japanese Canadians receive degrees from UBC […]

BY ANQI SHEN | May 31 2016

University students can be a tough crowd. For proof, look no further than an anonymous course evaluation or a review that pulls no punches. So maybe it’s a good thing some professors aren’t taking their reviews to heart – a few even agreed to read them on camera. Here’s our round-up of self-deprecating humour […]

BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 08 2016

University brews you can use.

BY SHARI GRAYDON | December 01 2015

In the fourth and final episode of Engaging Audiences, Shari explains how to structure your presentation content for maximum engagement. ARVE Error: No oembed html (Intro music courtesy of Bensound.) Your research is important and deserves as much attention as possible. But if no one can understand what you’re talking about, what’s the point? University […]

BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 14 2015

With the warm weather finally arriving across the country, some campuses may notice some old friends padding around, reacquainting themselves with the grounds…Animals on campus may be rare for schools in urban or downtown settings, but some schools are notorious for their furry (or fluffy) residents. Here’s a gander at what you could spot if […]

BY UA/AU | March 31 2015

E-portfolios can be a great supplement to a CV – but they are not for everyone, explains Brock psychology professor Tanya Martini. ARVE Error: No oembed html

BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 25 2015

If there’s one thing “The campus food revolution,” the cover story from UA’s April issue, makes clear, it’s that food is an important part of a campus’s culture. At many universities across Canada, food has become an extension of the institution’s values and priorities — and we’re seeing it not just in food services, but […]

BY SHARI GRAYDON | March 18 2015

Why you should adopt some basic storytelling principles.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | February 20 2015

Earlier this week, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada announced the winners of its most prestigious (and richest) awards. It can be difficult to sum up the complex work these researchers do, so here it is straight from the source: Axel Becke, Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering Dr. […]

BY UA/AU | February 20 2015

Teachers should really think about collecting artifacts and evidence as they go.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 27 2015

Canada’s universities are often supporters and curators of public art projects. Here’s just a small sampling of the artworks creating spaces of beauty, inspiration and contemplation on campuses across the country. Swingin’ UBC ARVE Error: No oembed html The 2014 installation of Janice Swings brought the playground back to school at the University of British […]

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