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Student Voices

Students need to reclaim ownership of their postsecondary education.

Almost a year ago, 10 Canadian postsecondary students were named 3M National Student Fellows, awarded by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and 3M Canada. The annual award honours up to 10 university and college students who have shown outstanding leadership in their lives ...
The Many Faces
BY LEVONNE ABSHIRE | November 07 2023

We should be embedding health equity into all aspects of campus culture.

quote>“Imagine an expansive river with a very high waterfall at its source. At the bottom of this waterfall, along its banks are hundreds of people working tirelessly trying to save people in the river, many of whom are struggling to keep afloat. As the countless bodies are pulled out of the...
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | October 25 2023

With support for graduate students at a breaking point, Canadian universities are feeling the impact.

While finishing her PhD last year, Sivani Baskaran was faced with a common dilemma: continue on in academia or move to the private sector. With student loans from her undergraduate degree and very little in savings after six years of graduate school, the financial impli...
BY DIANE PETERS | October 26 2022

The interdisciplinary approach to human, animal and environmental health is gaining traction in teaching and research, but the field still struggles against institutional silos.

At the start of her graduate studies at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College in 2018, Sydney Pearce presented her research on improving antibiotic use in the dairy industry at a conference. She spoke of animal health, human behaviour, the social deter...
BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | March 08 2023

In the Students as Partners approach, instructors collaborate with students to develop a university course.

Despite it being her first year at Bishop’s University, Sonoma Brawley has already helped five different faculty members improve their course design. The music undergraduate is a student consultant for the Bishop’s
BY NATALIE SAMSON | September 10 2014

The building has been called “courageous, bold and just a little insane.”

When OCAD University unveiled the Sharp Centre for Design in 2004, as part of the school’s $42.5-million campus makeover, the public quickly took sides. “No one was indifferent,” recalls Will Alsop, the architect behind the Sharp Centre. “People either really loved it or hated it and to ...
BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | October 29 2014

A wide range of new programs in design and media broaden their appeal to a job-focused cohort of students.

When Ron Burnett arrived in Vancouver to become president of Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 1996, a majority of students were enrolled in the visual arts. Today about 35 percent of the students are pursuing degrees in the visual arts, 40 percent are in design programs – the fastest growi...
BY ANQI SHEN | September 13 2017

The online resource will offer advice on the job search process with attention to specific challenges transgender applicants face.

Simon Fraser University is offering a new resource this fall for transgender students looking for employment: an online guide with advice on a range of issues, such as “What name should I use on my resumé and cover letter?” and “Can I include jobs I held under a different name?” While qu...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | September 23 2020

Speaking to Parliamentarians last month about universities’ response to COVID-19, university presidents asked for support for international students and continued emergency research funding.

On August 14, four days before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament, representatives from the academic research and university sector addressed the Continue reading about t...
BY SHAUNA MCGINN | September 08 2022

The four-month pilot project will see staff work a 28-hour week instead of the typical 35.

Administrative staff at Saint Paul University in Ottawa transitioned to a four-day work week in July, the first step of this kind in Canada’s postsecondary realm. The four-month pilot project will see staff work a 28-hour week instead of the typical 35, with no change to pay, time off, or pensions...
Media Scan
CBC Continue reading If September is any indication, the global pandemic has all but eradicated any semblan...
In my opinion
BY ANANYA BANERJEE | April 01 2021

Including social justice in public health curriculum will equip students with an equity lens.

Recently, I transitioned from being a professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health for the last four years to McGill University’s School of Global and Population Health. As a
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | September 04 2013
I’ve just finished hosting Continue reading and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. That’s how I feel about my life these days in general: pretty darn good. A year ago---les...
Careers Café
BY LIZ KOBLYK | April 22 2019

Sitting on a board can help develop your ability to handle situations of accountability without authority.

When I worked with staff at the University of Waterloo, the clients I met with who transitioned from non-managerial roles to managerial ones often had something in common – and it wasn’t a love of management books. It was experience on a non-profit board of governors. Maybe a managerial role ...
Responsibilities May Include
BY SONJA SOO & EMILY BELL | November 22 2022

Three graduates share their PhD journeys and their forays into the biotechnology and therapeutics sector.

With the increasing pace of scientific and technological advances, a life sciences expertise is in high demand. Government inves...
Career Advice

Why six former academics decided to launch themselves into the world of research grants support.

When I received my first “thank you” gift at my desk – a potted plant arrangement with an African violet, a small palm, and a tumbling nerve plant – I knew I’d chosen the right career path. After burning out at the end of my PhD, I wanted a role in which my contributions would be recognize...
BY DAVID NEWLAND | April 21 2022

My past experience is always with me, below the surface, yet my teaching work hasn’t been about what I’ve done. Instead, it’s been about trusting the depths of my experience to stabilize me.

When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, I lost a dream job in the travel industry. I didn’t imagine that two years later, I’d call “graduate teaching assistant at Trent University” a dream job, too – but I do. And it’s all thanks to lessons learned from icebergs. Previously, I work...

Les universités de Sherbrooke et Bishop’s accueillent 5 000 chercheurs pour un événement « écoresponsable ».

Les organisateurs du 79e congrès de l’Association francophone pour le savoir (Acfas) s’étaient lancé un défi de taille : tenir un congrès répondant aux sévères normes d’éco...
BY MARK CARDWELL | November 18 2021

Pendant près de deux ans, ces employés qui se sont occupés de tout : des relations avec les médias au développement de sites Web, ont travaillé de longues heures et souvent, sous une grande pression.

BY MICHAEL SMITH | February 06 2012

Le gouvernement fédéral doit déterminer à quelle hauteur subventionner le réseau informatique haute vitesse du Canada.