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Freedom of speech

BY CRESO SÁ | November 28 2023

By calling on student groups to withdraw certain controversial statements, the minister of colleges and universities is demonstrating that the policy was and is a hollow gesture.

BY DINO SOSSI | July 23 2021

Weighing unrestricted expression against fostering a tolerant public sphere will test the fundamental freedoms we cherish in our democratic society.

BY SHANNON DEA | May 21 2020

A recent case that has rocked the Canadian varsity running world raises questions about which university personnel should have academic freedom.

BY SHANNON DEA | January 30 2020

Surprise Alberta court decision released just days into the new year could have a huge impact on universities.

BY IRA ROBINSON | October 04 2019

This definition was drawn up with great care by 33 countries, and with the usual negotiation and compromise common to all international agreements.

BY JEFFREY SACHS | September 10 2019

The definition adopted from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance is alarmingly vague and easily misinterpreted.

BY SHANNON DEA | August 02 2019

Issues around gender identity, and transgender and nonbinary people have become a battleground for academic freedom and freedom of expression on campus.

BY SHANNON DEA | June 07 2019

If no one listens, no ideas are exchanged. And to listen, one must be quiet.


Shouting down controversial speakers and obstructing campus events are not new phenomena, and there are ways to handle it appropriately.

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