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April 2010

BY CRAIG MONK | March 08 2010

A university’s character is the sum of its faculty and their work.

BY DOUG OWRAM | March 08 2010

Our universities’ concerted attention on the international education market extends back no further than the early 1990s.

BY ADAM CRYMBLE | March 08 2010

Improve your writing skills and beef up your CV by submitting to a more mainstream media outlet.

BY VÉRONIQUE MORIN | March 08 2010

Indigenous people retain majority of intellectual property rights over research findings stemming from their traditional knowledge of local medicinal plants.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 08 2010

People with diabetes may soon be able to monitor their glucose levels simply by looking in the mirror.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 08 2010

What happens when a chancellor and a president share the same roof?

BY DANIEL DROLET | March 08 2010

Universities in some provinces want to increase fees, without calling those fees ‘tuition.’

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 08 2010

Receiving their iconic X-Rings is a highly anticipated event for students at St. Francis Xavier University.

BY JOHN LORINC | March 08 2010

New online repository supported by institutional funding.


Improved codes of conduct and better education about what constitutes sexual harassment are having a positive impact on campuses.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

More scholars are choosing the online route for at least some of their conference commitments.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

Tips for setting up your online conference.


University community as partners.

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | March 08 2010

Canadians have woken up to the vast potential of the Arctic, but researchers wonder what it will take to push attitudes to our northern latitudes beyond platitudes.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

Every year, there are new options for remote conferences, largely due to advances in software.

BY LAURA RYCKEWAERT | February 22 2010

A student project looked to find out how easy it might be to get someone to accept a fabricated Facebook user as a friend.

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