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March 2011

BY ADAM CHAPNICK | February 07 2011

They can help propel your career.

BY JORDAN FALLIS | February 07 2011

Counterfeit or mislabelled foodstuffs are problems that plague the food industry, and a professor at the University of Saskatchewan believes he’s found a way to eliminate it.

BY JORDAN FALLIS | February 07 2011

On the last Monday of each month, Carleton University music instructor Tim Bedner holds a Jazz Mentor Night at downtown club Café Paradiso to bring university students and Ottawa’s jazz experts together to perform.

BY JORDAN FALLIS | February 07 2011

New state-of-the-art facility will put cars through their paces – rain or shine.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 07 2011

Do students know what they’re really getting into when they go to university?

BY LAURA EGGERTSON | February 07 2011

Revised document reflects challenges faced by social science and humanities researchers.

BY JOEY FITZPATRICK | February 07 2011

As director of animal care at Memorial University, Jennifer Keyte has the task of ensuring the ethical and humane treatment of her charges.

BY SYLVAIN COMEAU | February 07 2011

Gambling researchers try to raise awareness with university counsellors in Canada about the devastating consequences of gambling addiction.

BY MARK CARDWELL | February 07 2011

Phreaks, renegades, subversives – all are fodder for sociology professor Gary Genosko as he makes his peripatetic way through our technoculture.

BY MICHAEL SMITH | February 07 2011

Take a Canadian company with a problem, add the expertise of a graduate student, and the result is a solved business problem and a grad with shop-floor experience. That is the simple math behind the fabulously successful MITACS.

BY SUSAN PETERS | February 07 2011

A few people, perhaps a thousand a year, leave their body to medical science at Canadian universities. This is their story.