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August-September 2018

BY TARA SIEBARTH | August 08 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE Then and now: Everything old is new again LETTERS Peer reviewers are part of the problem PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Saint Mary’s University appointed Harjeet Bhabra dean of the Sobey School of Business, effective Sept. 1, and other appointments. CAMPUS The Manitoba Food History Project takes a road less travelled MacEwan rooftop a […]

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | August 08 2018

Normalizing failure without taking a hard look at the system within which it happens may do more harm than good.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | August 08 2018

The job can be challenging, all-consuming and even isolating – but also rewarding.

BY DIANE PETERS | August 07 2018

A pooled plan, with an estimated $8 billion in assets, would allow for greater flexibility in terms of investments.

BY DENISE SARAH BOYLE | August 02 2018

One academic’s experience working as a non-faculty staff researcher.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | August 01 2018

Campus support programs are helping a diverse set of students to succeed in a system that wasn’t designed for them.


To make investment in university R&D more impactful, we need to bring everyone to the same table.

BY SHIREEN AHMED | July 30 2018

Student cricket clubs are emerging as a supportive space for racialized women in university sport.

BY MARY ANN LOEWEN | July 26 2018

With the help of a food truck, a team of historians is collecting recipes – and the stories behind them – from Manitobans around the province.

BY SORAYA ROBERTS | July 25 2018

As news media navigate a time of unparalleled disruption, training the next generation of journalists has never been more of a challenge.

BY ALEXIS KIENLEN | July 23 2018

Six beehives have been installed atop a building on the university’s campus in downtown Edmonton.

BY SNEH DUGGAL | July 20 2018

“It’s not as simple as saying we’ll just let people smoke wherever they want on campus,” says one administrator.

BY ALEXIS KIENLEN | June 27 2018

The celebration is just one way that LGBTQ students are affirming their identities at the faith-based campus.