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May 2018

BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 16 2018

Making lunch out of research leftovers.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 10 2018

In the interest of cancer prevention, the creators of hitchBOT have paired the smarts of IBM’s Watson with Pepper, the most personable robot you’ll ever meet.

BY BRIAN OWENS | April 05 2018

The community is eager to track the wide-ranging social, economic and health impacts of this historic shift in public policy.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 04 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE Dreams denied: Playing musical chairs with medical graduates LETTERS Heavy lifting PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Jerome Cranston will become the University of Regina’s dean of education, effective July 1, and other appointments. CAMPUS UPEI road show takes climate science to local communities The robot will see you now One research centre’s canny solution […]


It’s easier than ever for students to buy assignments. Until universities have better measures for rooting out this kind of cheating, professors are focusing on prevention.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | April 04 2018

A growing number of students, after years of study, aren’t getting the residency positions they need to become physicians.

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | April 03 2018

“We’ll talk about anything they want to talk about, as long as we have something educated to say about it.”

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | March 30 2018

Some insight from speakers at the sold-out summit, which was hosted by the Indigenous Education Network at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

BY ALLAN CAHOON | March 29 2018

We have the tools and the opportunities to gather knowledge and teach the ideas that lead to solutions.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | March 27 2018

Chaucer’s Arthurian story, The Wife of Bath’s Tale – with its governance model based on a roundtable – offers us a tantalizing clue on how to frame the issue.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 23 2018

Two years after the surprise success of their book The Slow Professor, the authors reflect on its impact, their attempts to live up to its ideals, and what comes next.

BY ANQI SHEN | March 22 2018

The Varsity’s online content in simplified Chinese boasts a growing readership among thousands of Chinese international students on campus.

BY SNEH DUGGAL | March 14 2018

Ontario universities came under the provincial ombudsman’s oversight in 2016. The office has since received more than 500 university-related complaints.

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