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Jan-Feb 2020

BY MARK CARDWELL | January 22 2020

Queen’s University terrorism researcher Amarnath Amarasingam is no stranger to intersectoral strife.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 17 2020

A new hydroponic system will allow the university to harvest hundreds of pounds of greens a month out of a refurbished shipping container.

BY JORDAN WHITEHOUSE | January 10 2020

Thanks to researcher Shannon Berch, UBC might be the first Canadian university to successfully cultivate the pricey foodie staple.

BY DIANE PETERS | January 09 2020

Universities and industry groups agree the path to engineering needs to be smoother for talented young women.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | January 08 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE What will be our legacy?: The challenge of achieving balance in life, a profession and the environment LETTERS Universities are not factories PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Michelle McNeil has been named the associated alumni executive director at the University of New Brunswick, and other appointments. CAMPUS KPU expands Zero Textbook Cost offerings More […]

BY JESSICA ROMNEY | January 08 2020

What you can expect to encounter as a contract faculty member.

BY JESSICA RIDDELL | January 07 2020

It’s never been more urgent for students to learn how to harness the power of persuasion as a force for good.

BY JEFFREY HENNESSY | January 06 2020

This “collective unconscious” of a department, faculty or university is what makes it unique.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 02 2020

Some of our readers offer their tips on managing the stresses of university life.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | December 20 2019

The university estimates that students who opt for the ZTC degree program could save $5,000 over four years by exclusively using open-access course texts and library course reserves.

BY EVA VOINIGESCU | December 19 2019

The 15 teams chosen for the Canadian Space Agency’s CubeSat program have until this fall to get their designs ready for a 2021 launch.

BY KERRY BANKS | December 18 2019

Canada is a leader in technology to capture and store carbon dioxide, although some view it as only a stopgap in our move to a carbon-free future.