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From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | January 24 2018

How to transition between the often individualistic world of academic success and the collaborative dynamics of modern industry.

This is a guest post by Josh Magsam, PhD. Josh works as director of community success at Continue reading. He earned his PhD in English from the University of Oregon. So you’ve taken a big step forward and started an entry-level position with a promisi...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | February 12 2018

Jennifer Polk and Maren Wood want faculty, students and administrators to be careful when they interpret the data found in the 10,000 PhDs report.

This post is co-authored by Jennifer Polk (PhD, history) and Maren Wood (PhD, history), co-founders of Continue reading. There are significant challenges to collecting quality data on alumni and former students. We know this first-hand: Maren...
Responsibilities May Include

Sharing resources between career services and faculty/departments promotes successful career transitions for grad students.

Recent reports indicate that graduate students not only face Continue reading to transitioning into a career, but also that the paths they take are
Responsibilities May Include

Le partage des ressources entre les services d’orientation, les professeurs et les départements facilite la transition professionnelle des étudiants aux cycles supérieurs.

Selon des rapports récents, les étudiants aux cycles supérieurs doivent surmonter Continue reading lors de la transition vers la vie professionnelle, et empruntent des chemins
Graduate Matters

Two grad students discuss their unique experiences of having to switch supervisors.

The student-supervisor relationship is paramount to the success of graduate studies. It is important to give this relationship its due diligence by Continue reading prior to...
BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 10 2008

Actually, today’s students are often overwhelmed by multiple stresses. A nurse-educator and administrator explain how their schools are responding to the growing need for mental-health services

The transition to adulthood is a challenge for many young people. Throw in the stresses of attending university and living away from home for the first time, and it's no wonder some find it difficult to cope. Studies in Canada and the United States, such as those by Richard Kadison of Harvard Uni...
BY DAVID HAYES | November 03 2015

A little well-timed support can smooth the transition for first-time university students.

When Emzhei Chen moved into residence at the University of Waterloo about 10 years ago, she found the experience nerve-wracking. Her parents supported her, but her dad was a machinist who had never gone to university and her mom hadn’t finished high school, so they were as unfamiliar with univ...
BY DAVID HAYES | November 03 2015

Il peut être angoissant pour les étudiants de première génération d’aller à l’université, mais un peu de soutien au bon moment peut faire toute la différence.

À son arrivée à la résidence pour étudiants de l’Université de Waterloo, il y a environ 10 ans, Emzhei Chen a éprouvé beaucoup d’angoisse. Malgré le fait qu’ils l’appuyaient dans sa démarche, ses parents, qui n’avaient jamais fréquenté l’université, n’en savaient pas p...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 09 2016

Ingenuity’s the key when you’re one of Canada’s smaller university presses.

James Daschuk recalls sneaking into Costco with an outdated membership card to see it with his own eyes: his book, Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life, stacked high on a table next to the latest David Baldacci thriller. The sight was al...
BY ISHANI NATH | April 20 2021

Counsellors say the transition has been like ‘building a plane mid-flight.’

On March 11 last year, the same day that the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, York University student Sarah Pope* met with her therapist on campus. “At first, I was one of those people who legitimately thought we’d be locked down for...
BY JULIE CAFLEY | October 27 2021

An expert on leadership in higher education explores the reasons women are less likely to be appointed president, and why so many have unfinished mandates.

“Any unfinished presidential mandate is a failure in board governance – they either hired the wrong person or they fired the wrong person.” Those are the words of David Turpin, former president of the universities of Victoria and Alberta. My own work, as a rese...

Fastest growing economic immigrant class is Canadian Experience Class, which favours foreign graduates of Canadian universities for permanent residency.

International students have become an increasingly integral part of Canada’s immigration strategy as a result of ongoing changes to federal regulations aimed at recruiting mor...
BY BECKY RYNOR | January 11 2016

Graduates themselves are often unsure of where to look for opportunities outside academe.

Valerie Walker admits it wasn’t so long ago that she was “that grad student” wondering what...
BY BECKY RYNOR | January 11 2016

Les diplômés eux-mêmes sont incertains des possibilités d’emploi qui existent hors du milieu universitaire,

Valerie Walker admet qu’il n’y a pas si longtemps, elle-même se demandait ce qu’elle pourrait bien faire hors du milieu universitaire. En 2009, après avoir obtenu son doctorat en physiologie de l’Université McGill, elle était ouverte à toutes les possibilités. Cependant, elle ne savait...
BY UA/AU | November 30 2020

November 30, 2020

COVID-19 cases on campus

Over the weekend, the Middlesex-London Health Unit updated the case count for an outbreak at University Hospital on the Western Univ...
BY UA/AU | January 01 2021

January 27, 2021

COVID cases on campus

An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at Continue reading. According to Fabrice Labeau, deputy provost, s...
BY DIANE PETERS | January 27 2021

New expert report from the Council of Canadian Academies finds a growing number of doctoral graduates in Canada is having trouble transitioning to the labour market.

Canada has an academic labour mismatch problem: more people than ever graduate with PhDs, but after completing these intensive programs they often face limited career prospects in academia and beyond. This represents a significant untapped source of talent for the country. “Students go into PhD...
BY DIANE PETERS | February 03 2021

Un nouveau rapport d’experts du Conseil des académies canadiennes révèle que de plus en plus de diplômés du doctorat au Canada ont du mal à faire la transition vers le marché du travail.

Le Canada a un problème : même si plus de gens que jamais obtiennent leur doctorat, leurs études intensives ne leur offrent que peu de débouchés professionnels dans le milieu universitaire ou ailleurs. Le pays est ainsi privé d’une importante source de talents. « Les étudiants poursui...

lundi 31 mai

Retour du congrès de la Fédération des sciences humaines

Après avoir été annulé l’an dernier en raison de la pandémie, le congrès annuel de la Fédération des sciences humaines
BY UA/AU | July 31 2021

July 28, 2021

Brock students in residence will need to be vaccinated this fall

Continue reading is now requi...