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Academic freedom

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | March 15 2024

Canada is balancing security imperatives and the need for diversity in academic research. How do we maintain our global commitments while protecting our national interests?

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | February 14 2024

When international conflicts arise, Canadian universities have to juggle free speech and academic freedom, while also managing external pressures.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | February 14 2024

David Robinson, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers, shares his thoughts on how the debate over the Israel-Hamas conflict is threatening fundamental principles of academia.

BY SHANNON DEA | September 20 2022

What the university could have done better to protect academic freedom after a professor’s controversial tweet went viral.

BY SHANNON DEA | May 30 2022

While my own academic freedom is less robust since becoming a senior administrator, I have loved finding new ways of defending academic freedom for others.


While some applaud the government’s approach, others find it lacking.

BY YVES LABERGE | December 27 2021

How do we manage academic freedom, which should be unhindered, unrestricted and inviolable?

BY SHANNON DEA | December 16 2021

Ultimately, the three best defences are good policies, good communication and good habits.


The University of Ottawa’s report on academic freedom is only the latest in a long list of reports that miss the opportunity to bring the discussion to a higher level.

BY SHANNON DEA | September 15 2021

Even when it doesn’t improperly interfere in academic searches and tenure files, some kinds of donor funding routinely threaten academic freedom in a range of ways.

BY YVES LABERGE | August 10 2021

Academic freedom means academics can reflect on any topic, but can they fuel racist thinking?


Instead of having mediated debates, faculty and students need to set aside their differences and decide among themselves what should be covered under academic freedom.

BY SHANNON DEA | April 16 2021

Academic staff are not only employees; they are also the ‘collegium’ charged with the academic governance of universities.

BY SHANNON DEA | February 08 2021

When we invoke academic freedom as a way of defending our own peccadillos, we render universities into petty fiefdoms and academic freedom into a bludgeon.

BY SHANNON DEA | December 15 2020

An examination of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism.

BY SHANNON DEA | October 30 2020

What ever happened to students’ academic freedom?

BY BRIAN BIRD | October 29 2020

The notion that universities exist, first and foremost, to discover and impart knowledge is no longer in vogue. That’s a tragedy.

BY SHANNON DEA | September 14 2020

It is an adjustment when an academic becomes a senior administrator, as they don’t have the same academic freedoms they did as professors.

BY SHANNON DEA | August 21 2020

Just because professors may say the N-word doesn’t mean they should.

BY SHANNON DEA | May 21 2020

A recent case that has rocked the Canadian varsity running world raises questions about which university personnel should have academic freedom.

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