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BY KEATON HILLS | February 13 2024

Chase Petruska hopes the league will have a positive impact on the mental health of participants.

BY DAVID KENT | February 01 2024

A recent report on research culture shows that evaluation is key, but stops short of practical solutions to core problems.

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | December 13 2023

Students are unaware of all the financial aids available to them. With rising food and housing costs, stakeholders are calling for reform and better dissemination of information.

BY JOHN LOEPPKY | April 26 2023

Disabled scholars say they often rely on ad hoc agreements to get the accommodations they need to do their jobs. The lack of formal recognition has left many feeling unprotected and unwelcome in the academic workplace.

BY PHILIP BURGE | January 17 2023

A study found disability counsellors made substantial contributions to faculty members’ efforts to redesign their courses.

BY ERIN ANDERSON | July 12 2022

Community and mentorship are critical for supporting the success of graduate students with disabilities.


A group of researchers at Université de Sherbrooke came up with a unique way to educate people about the “leaky pipeline” in academe.

BY ALLISON MULLIN | February 02 2021

An instructor and student reflect on the importance of making courses more accessible for those with disabilities.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | August 27 2019

For visually impaired students, a lack of accessible learning materials “creates enormous barriers to success.”

BY TIM JOHNSON | January 13 2016

Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small.

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