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BY KERRY BANKS | March 15 2022

The perfectly preserved specimen is currently housed at the Yingliang Stone Nature History Museum in China.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | March 10 2022

Mechatronics researchers will be exploring the capabilities of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot over the next three years.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | March 07 2022

The hands-on brewing course was a unique opportunity for students amid the pandemic.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | February 28 2022

‘People doing computer science degrees, of any sort, need ethical training,’ says one of the designers.

BY ERIKA THORKELSON | January 18 2022

The Earthquake Engineering Research Facility is studying the dangers of seismic instability.

BY BECKY RYNOR | January 11 2022

Marine biologist Shane Gero studies how sperm whales live. Now he wants to know what they are talking about.

BY PIERRE BLAIS | January 10 2022

Quebec adventurers spent months crossing Canada from north to south while participating in three research projects.

BY MATTHEW HALLIDAY | January 04 2022

The SciCards highlight unique and extraordinary animals, plants and even molecules.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | November 04 2021

Although part of a new residence hall, venue will have features to ensure sound doesn’t carry.


AMAZE: A McGill A-Z Experience also celebrates the university’s 200th birthday.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | October 26 2021

Hügelkultur garden beds are made from natural materials in the immediate area, which prevents invasive species from spreading.

BY KERRY BANKS | October 21 2021

A UBC biologist is advising residents not to feed the wildlife.


Funded by the University of Northern British Columbia and the Hakai Institute, the powerful set of computers show the mass loss of Earth’s glaciers has increased at unexpected rates.

BY IAN MUNROE | August 30 2021

Using campus as testing grounds, WATonoBus pushes limits of autonomous transit.


Brescia University College joins McGill University as the only campuses in Canada to hold the Blue Community designation.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 29 2021

Universities have opened their campuses to help Canada’s vaccination efforts.

BY SHAUNA MCGINN | April 12 2021

The Alberta-based team has been using unmanned aerial vehicles to explore alternative health-care delivery options for hard-to-access locations.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | March 08 2021

A group of CBU administrators and local physicians aim to improve access to health care at the provincial and municipal levels, while also improving health services on campus.

BY ANQI SHEN | March 01 2021

The donated images document the Canadian photographer’s renowned career, starting with his time as a Ryerson student.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | February 24 2021

A new certificate program at Dalhousie University tackles the changing landscape of postsecondary leadership.