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BY LETITIA HENVILLE | February 20 2024

You should carefully consider word choices and sentence structures when you’ve got a high-stakes presentation to give.

BY DAVID KENT | February 08 2023

The neuroscientist is gearing up to cover topics from open, team-based science to putting EDI to work in the field.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | September 02 2020

Public health communicators, they say, need to show humility, admit what they don’t know, and most importantly foster a two-way dialogue.


A Q&A with Tanya Sharpe, founder of U of T’s Centre for Research and Innovation for Black Survivors of Homicide Victims, about her timely new discussion series 30@8:30.

BY MATTHEW GUIDA | April 09 2020

The new podcast studio and inaugural podcaster-in-residence have garnered interest both on campus and further afield.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | April 08 2020

Traditional in-person conferences have been criticized for a variety of reasons, but the current COVID-19 pandemic puts them in a whole new light.


SciArt was conceived as a way to make STEM more accessible to the art crowd, but a partnership with Science North has broadened the show’s audience by thousands.

BY CRESO SÁ | December 06 2019

The Liberals claim that “science is at the centre of everything the government does” – yet all we have seen and heard are symbolic gestures and feel-good rhetoric.

BY KARL MOORE | November 15 2019

As long as you comment on areas that lie within your area of expertise, you provide a needed antidote to some of the foolishness out there.

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