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BY DANIEL HALTON | March 14 2024

Universities Canada New CEO

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | March 08 2024

The artist-academic behind the Black and Free initiative shares her story.

BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | February 21 2024

The Saskatchewan-based researcher has been studying and tracking super pigs for over 14 years.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | January 23 2024

Thirty years into his academic career, Glen Jones is still curious about what makes universities tick.

BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | November 01 2023

‘All of my work is informed by my own understanding of Anishinaabe cultural identity.’

BY MAUD CUCCHI | November 23 2022

Marie-Hélène Benoit-Otis demystifies the role that music plays in the formation of political discourse.


Christian Messier is on a crusade to increase biodiversity in urban and natural forests.

BY KERRY BANKS | May 18 2022

UBC’s Pieter Cullis is gaining wider recognition for the discovery of a ‘delivery system’ used in mRNA technology.

BY KERRY BANKS | March 16 2022

Elizabeth Clare’s work could help transform the way scientists study and monitor animal biodiversity around the world.

BY LESLEY EVANS OGDEN | December 09 2021

The ‘Flip the Script’ program she developed is having an impact on campuses in Canada and internationally.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | July 07 2021

Michiko Maruyama is changing the field of medicine by creating art and designing toys.

BY KERRY BANKS | March 24 2021

Researcher’s early-career findings were controversial but ultimately gained wider acceptance.

BY UA/AU | December 24 2020

It’s been quite the year. We’ve read and reported, edited and produced, hundreds of stories, many of them related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we get ready to say goodbye to a memorable 2020, here are the stories that we’ll remember in 2021. The engineering gender gap: it’s more than a numbers game It’s been […]


The York assistant professor and author of From the Ashes says he has a responsibility to those who suffer from addiction, and to his former self, to tell his story of homelessness and redemption.

BY KAT ESCHNER | May 20 2020

The scholar’s latest book is not only the culmination of a career spent examining the ethics of biotechnology, it’s a call to action for the rest of us get in on the conversation.

BY KERRY BANKS | April 15 2020

PhD candidate Genevieve von Petzinger has scoured ancient rock art to create the world’s largest database of early abstract symbols – but what do they mean?

BY ALEX V. GREEN | February 05 2020

University of Victoria’s chair of transgender studies and founder of the Transgender Archives is on a mission to collect and celebrate works by transgender people for transgender people.

BY MARK CARDWELL | January 22 2020

Queen’s University terrorism researcher Amarnath Amarasingam is no stranger to intersectoral strife.

BY BECKY RYNOR | June 05 2019

The filmmaker and founder of York University’s Stereoscopic 3D Lab picked up the Governor General’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Visual and Media Arts earlier this year.

BY MEGAN JENKINS | May 14 2019

For her thesis project, education grad Meghan Parker made an autobiographical graphic novel that argues for drawing to be recognized as a mode of scholarship.

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