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Research funding

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | April 19 2024

Focus put on R&D funding, student housing and student debt restructuring.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | April 17 2024

The Liberals’ major injection in research and innovation has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses.

BY DAVID KENT | February 01 2024

A recent report on research culture shows that evaluation is key, but stops short of practical solutions to core problems.

BY BRIAN OWENS | January 19 2024

New policy includes lists of sensitive research areas and foreign institutions considered national security risks.

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | November 02 2023

The Quebec government’s announced tuition fee increase for out-of-province students has sparked intense political debate over university funding.

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | October 25 2023

With support for graduate students at a breaking point, Canadian universities are feeling the impact.

BY JADINE NGAN | October 17 2023

Canadian universities emerged from the pandemic with investment growth, but long-term sustainability is a consistent concern.

BY SARAH RUEDIGER | September 27 2023

And don’t forget the detailed budgeting and a looming submission deadline.

BY BOB LEMIEUX | September 18 2023

A history lesson on the need to advocate for Canadian fundamental research.

BY TANIA SULTANA | September 01 2023

This handy checklist will help you address any potential gaps in your application.


The western province has been through some dark times when it comes to funding. Will the newly elected government bring solutions, or more controversy?


One Child Every Child brings together researchers from diverse disciplines, organizations and countries to examine the biological and social determinants of health affecting the well-being of children.


Setting up for success with the SSHRC PG.

BY NEIL CAMPBELL | July 06 2023

Imposing broad rules on universities around ownership of intellectual property in complex research collaborations is not the answer.

BY BRIAN OWENS | June 14 2023

National security agencies are taking a renewed interest in universities and their research in the face of rising geopolitical concerns.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | April 12 2023

Most provinces are targeting new funding to expand health care programs and student financial assistance.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | March 29 2023

Leaders and advocates in the university sector decry the latest federal budget as a missed opportunity to support early-career researchers and to heed the recommendations of the Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support System.

BY BRIAN OWENS | March 21 2023

Concern rises about potential research chill as new rules are extended across federal research-funding agencies.

BY DAVID KENT | February 08 2023

The neuroscientist is gearing up to cover topics from open, team-based science to putting EDI to work in the field.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | January 18 2023

The search for a systemic response to a growing concern.

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