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BY LETITIA HENVILLE | November 13 2018

Be conscious and deliberate with how you occupy the landscape of your writing.

BY BECKY ROBERTSON | October 31 2018

Eight writers from around the globe are vying for the richest prize awarded to history books in English.

BY LETITIA HENVILLE | October 16 2018

Many academics are chronically sleep deprived. When you’re writing your most important documents, ensure your formatting makes it easy for tired brains to process your words.

BY LETITIA HENVILLE | September 19 2018

When you can’t tell how to conjugate “to be,” your lay summary isn’t laying correctly.

BY BRAD ÆON | April 25 2017

It may well be the single most important predictor of well-being in academia.


A funny thing happened when four writers were tasked with creating poems on demand at a higher-ed conference in Ottawa.

BY ISABEAU IQBAL | December 07 2016

Celebrating research that finds academic writers have varied writing practices.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | July 06 2016

A Q&A with professor Brenna Clarke Gray.

BY DIANE PETERS | February 09 2016

MFA programs in creative writing are nurturing Canada’s next generation of authors.

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