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December 2017

BY HANNAH HOAG | November 13 2017

“Animals have made tremendous contributions to our understanding of human biology, but they are not us.”

BY CHANTAL BRAGANZA | November 10 2017

The campus chaplaincy is being recontextualized as a space for non-denominational spirituality and mental health care support – but there’s still a place for faith.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | November 08 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE Fulfilling the promise: Diversity and inclusion in the academy LETTERS Forget it, it cannot be saved PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Tania Bubela, a researcher of health law and policy, is Simon Fraser University’s new dean of health sciences, and other appointments. CAMPUS Bearing witness to residential schools through reclaimed art Toronto subway expands […]

BY JACKIE WONG | November 08 2017

Scholars push for a deeper look at how race and racism play out on university campuses.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | November 07 2017

Networks of Centres of Excellence that reach the end of their final funding cycle by 2019 are now allowed to reapply.

BY JULIA M. WRIGHT | November 06 2017

Canada is hemorrhaging early career research capacity.

BY DAVID SMITH | November 03 2017

When asked by students for advice on email etiquette, I tell them to stick to the three golden C’s: be clear, concise, and courteous.

BY ANQI SHEN | November 03 2017

Artist Carey Newman’s large-scale Witness Blanket installation passes through the University of the Fraser Valley.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | November 01 2017

Academia has been slow to embrace podcasting, but these shows and their hosts are proving the form has much to offer.

BY JACKIE WONG | October 31 2017

New and expanding campuses mix urban renewal with a renewed focus on the importance of the creative arts and design to the surrounding community.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | October 30 2017

New station connecting York to downtown has been decades in the making.

BY SHEILA COTE-MEEK | October 30 2017

Administrators are in a unique position to address systemic issues that hinder Indigenous peoples’ success.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | October 18 2017

A plaque commemorating that historic moment was unveiled in September.

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