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September-October 2021

BY IAN MUNROE | September 03 2021

The hope is to facilitate more projects involving Indigenous peoples and other racialized groups.

BY TARA SIEBARTH | September 02 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE Magazine making: When unforeseen events compel you to change plans as deadlines loom LETTERS Missing impact on experiment-based research CAMPUS UNBC supercomputer reveals acceleration of global glacier loss Capturing an eclipse at Western Researchers at University of Waterloo trial driverless shuttle NOTA BENE Gender parity in scientific publishing: still a long way to […]

BY TAYO BERO | September 01 2021

One year after a mass reckoning, we examine what universities are doing to address anti-Black racism in their own institutions.


Funded by the University of Northern British Columbia and the Hakai Institute, the powerful set of computers show the mass loss of Earth’s glaciers has increased at unexpected rates.

BY IAN MUNROE | August 30 2021

Using campus as testing grounds, WATonoBus pushes limits of autonomous transit.

BY BRENT WITTMEIER | August 25 2021

A look at some of the beautiful central gathering places at Canadian universities.

BY ROHENE BOUAJRAM | August 24 2021

Universities need people, policies and protocols that take into account how to support the success of BIPOC students from an equity, not equality, perspective.

BY BILLY STREAN | August 19 2021

Tips to encourage both professors and students to move around more.

BY IAN MUNROE | August 18 2021

While some Indigenous scholars say there’s been significant progress, others see mostly rhetoric.


Researcher Vincent Larivière explains the factors leading to gender inequality in research.

BY IAN MUNROE | June 29 2021

If participating postsecondary institutions don’t meet their targets by the end of 2029, the number of research chairs they receive will be cut.