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The guidelines require students to have a letter signed by their instructor indicating what kind of editing help is permitted.


After years of collecting anecdotal data, UNB professor Eric Weissman is leading a study to bring the issue of student homelessness out of the shadows.

BY SALMA MAHGOUB | February 13 2019

Ancillary fees fund many campus activities, including student clubs, student media, food banks, and equity and peer support services.

BY SHIREEN AHMED | January 17 2019

The updated policy broadly supports the inclusion of trans athletes in university sport, but critics still have some concerns.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | January 10 2019

More students are opting to live in theme-based residences.

BY RIMA WILKES & HOWARD RAMOS | December 07 2018

They’re a waste of time, with little evidence they make a difference in decision-making.

BY DAVID SYNCOX | December 03 2018

Graduate students and professors need to act to promote academic integrity.

BY DAVID KENT | November 30 2018

These relatively recent initiatives deserve recognition for helping the scientific community.

BY CHRISTINE DAIGLE | November 20 2018

Why do hiring committees appear to favour graduates from big-league universities?

BY SORAYA ROBERTS | November 14 2018

Still, a few universities have committed to offering services that specifically address eating disorders as part of their health and wellness programs.

BY MICHAEL RANCIC | November 14 2018

The Next Gen conference brought together industry and postsecondary institutions to discuss the future of storytelling in Canadian media.

BY SHARON OOSTHOEK | November 02 2018

In this course, undergraduates work hands-on with local businesses to learn how to measure and offset carbon emissions.

BY MOIRA FARR | October 31 2018

In all the strategizing, expanding and refining of services on offer to students who struggle with anxiety, depression or any number of other serious mental illnesses, faculty are asking, where do we fit?

BY ANQI SHEN | October 24 2018

An array of new programs gives students an opportunity to tackle issues of importance to their local communities.

BY STEPHEN WATT | October 15 2018

We need to refocus and intensify our efforts on math education if Canada is to compete internationally.

BY WENDY GLAUSER | October 10 2018

But medical students say the problem is still likely to get worse if the ratio of residency spots to applicants doesn’t increase.

BY MARK CARDWELL | October 03 2018

National competition aims to find innovative, practical and low-cost solutions to make our communities more accessible for persons with disabilities.

BY SUSAN PORTER & LISA YOUNG | September 24 2018

A new taskforce report by the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies says it’s time to rethink the PhD.

BY SHELDON GORDON | September 17 2018

Online resources are aimed at helping litigants to represent themselves in legal disputes.

BY BECKY RYNOR | September 12 2018

Researchers in Ottawa are investigating how rapid drug-sample testing impacts behaviour among drug users.