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BY ALEX GILLIS | July 26 2016

Twenty-five years and just over 60 percent complete, the Dictionary of Old English is a labour of love for U of T scholars.

BY UA/AU | July 14 2016

The vast and varied world of academic Twitter accounts provides much to the community: a quick laugh, a source of information and/or procrastination (sometimes both simultaneously) and often rich networking and learning opportunities. Of course, you should already be following University Affairs and our bloggers from The Black Hole, Speculative Diction, From PhD to Life […]

BY NATALIE SAMSON | July 06 2016

A Q&A with professor Brenna Clarke Gray.


Canada’s science minister says she understands the research community and wants to hear its concerns.

BY SUE CARTER | June 08 2016

Campus art galleries today are much more than collections of art hanging on walls.

BY TIM JOHNSON | May 25 2016

Just a tiny minority of Canadian students choose to study abroad, and that’s a problem. Here’s what some universities are doing to try to reverse the trend.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | April 06 2016

What some universities are doing to weave indigenous peoples, cultures and knowledge into the fabric of their campuses.

BY MARK CARDWELL | April 05 2016

Universities must act decisively when disaster strikes.

BY MOIRA FARR | March 29 2016

The authors of a new book challenge what they call the “frantic pace” of contemporary university life.

BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 09 2016

Ingenuity’s the key when you’re one of Canada’s smaller university presses.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | March 08 2016

It’s an alternative career track that they say fits them well.


An excerpt from Solitudes of the Workplace: Women in Universities.


More Canadians are using medical marijuana for a wider array of health ailments, but the research hasn’t kept pace.

BY DIANE PETERS | February 09 2016

MFA programs in creative writing are nurturing Canada’s next generation of authors.

BY TODD PETTIGREW | February 08 2016

If you want to know what a given university is all about, you might check the calendar, and there you will likely find some version of what is called, without irony, a mission statement. It will probably be filled with whatever buzzwords were current at the time of its composition, words like synergy, partners, innovate […]

BY ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | February 03 2016

A few of the best mobile apps found on campuses across Canada.

BY TIM JOHNSON | January 13 2016

Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small.

BY JENNY GREEN | January 13 2016

University of Saskatchewan is the latest institution to boast a building designed by the world-renowned architect.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 13 2016

Often misunderstood, federated and affiliated colleges offer distinct missions and a small-campus feel, plus the benefits of their larger partner universities.

BY ANITA LAHEY | December 09 2015

The transition from the military to the civilian world can be a tricky one.

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