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BY KEVIN KEE | April 09 2014

A personal essay from Kevin Kee, associate vice-president, research, at Brock University.


York U prof says to focus on quality, not expansion, in higher ed reform.

BY MARK CARDWELL | March 12 2014

Canada Excellence Research Chairs add to a university’s reputation, but choosing the right person can be difficult.

BY JOHN LORINC | March 12 2014

Digging through and understanding vast amounts of data is rapidly becoming the new currency for research, government and commerce.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | March 12 2014

How two course designers launched their university’s first-ever interdisciplinary undergraduate course – and gave students the intellectual ride of their lives.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | February 12 2014

George Siemens, Canada’s MOOC pioneer, opens up about where the movement is headed.

BY STEPHEN STRAUSS | February 12 2014

A Laurentian University lab has made a chance discovery that may lead to better breast cancer therapy.

BY DANIEL DROLET | February 12 2014

Switching disciplines in academia is not an easy choice, but those who’ve done it say the move can broaden your outlook and enrich your life.

BY JACOB BERKOWITZ | January 15 2014

Canadian researchers lead the way in understanding the neurological, psychological and cognitive basis of music.

BY DAVID SMITH | January 15 2014

Erick James creates giant metal replicas of tiny weird microbes.

BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | January 15 2014

These online repositories of student learning have found their place at many universities.

BY JASLEEN SINGH | December 16 2013

Annual contests, some international in scope, also expose students to experiential, hands-on learning.

BY MARK CARDWELL | December 04 2013

As the forestry industry evolves, professors are feeling hopeful again.

BY MARK KINGWELL | December 04 2013

A smart question and one that several writers, philosophers, librarians and literary critics were asked to ponder for a slim new collection of essays, The Edge of the Precipice. The question also serves as the subtitle of this book, whose writers contemplate the state of literature in the 21st century. The following excerpt comes from an essay by Mark Kingwell, professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, author of 15 books, contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine and frequent columnist in popular Canadian media.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | December 04 2013

How falling flat on your face may be a terrific way to learn.

BY KATIE HYSLOP | November 27 2013

“A very beautiful … experiment” in education.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | November 20 2013

International students help Sweden broaden the relatively narrow scope of its academic research as well as bringing in revenue.

BY DIANE PETERS | November 06 2013

A large research consortium explores the links between religious beliefs and morality.

BY DANIEL DROLET | November 06 2013

How to recruit and retain the right students.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | November 06 2013

Poet, artist, scientist.