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BY DANIEL DROLET | September 13 2010

A community-wide initiative to keep kids in school, spearheaded by sociologist Michel Perron, is winning converts far from Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region.

BY DIANE PETERS | September 13 2010

Universities are looking at ways to make information technology on campus more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

BY DANIEL DROLET | August 16 2010

Web portfolios, self-assessment tools and a formal transcript that details a student’s involvement in non-curricular activities are the new buzz in student services.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | August 16 2010

Innovative science teaching breaks out of lecture mode to give students a mental workout – and the motivation to stay in science programs.

BY GAIL BOWEN | June 08 2010

What happens to a past-his-prime professor who gets his wish to go back in time?

BY TIM JOHNSON | June 08 2010

A look at the world-class programs that are educating leaders for Canada’s voluntary sector.

BY TIM LOUGHEED | April 06 2010

Enthusiastic volunteers help researchers with the labour-intensive task of collecting data and specimens in the field.

BY GERRY TOOMEY | April 06 2010

Researchers are assaying the genes of a huge sample of Quebeckers in a bold step to advance medical science.

BY TIM JOHNSON | April 06 2010

Advocates for a revived officer training program at Canadian universities say it would prepare the next generation of leaders and bridge the gap between civilian and military society.


Improved codes of conduct and better education about what constitutes sexual harassment are having a positive impact on campuses.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

More scholars are choosing the online route for at least some of their conference commitments.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

Tips for setting up your online conference.


University community as partners.

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | March 08 2010

Canadians have woken up to the vast potential of the Arctic, but researchers wonder what it will take to push attitudes to our northern latitudes beyond platitudes.

BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

Every year, there are new options for remote conferences, largely due to advances in software.

BY DIANA SWIFT | February 08 2010

Researchers are learning more about mechanisms within the brain that account for the placebo effect. They hope to harness its power in the service of modern medicine.

BY PASCAL ZAMPRELLI | February 08 2010

Scholars discover the thrill of bringing research to the courtroom, and the satisfaction in teaching judges how to use it.

BY UA/AU | February 08 2010

In this excerpt from his new book, Anthony Stewart explains why professors from visible minorities can’t help but experience a different, and often less inclusive, world of academe.

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | January 11 2010

We’ve pulled together advice from tech-savvy professors to give you the resources you need to start incorporating social media into your teaching.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 11 2010

Why universities need to prepare doctoral students for careers outside academe