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BY DEBBY WALDMAN | March 08 2010

Every year, there are new options for remote conferences, largely due to advances in software.

BY DIANA SWIFT | February 08 2010

Researchers are learning more about mechanisms within the brain that account for the placebo effect. They hope to harness its power in the service of modern medicine.

BY PASCAL ZAMPRELLI | February 08 2010

Scholars discover the thrill of bringing research to the courtroom, and the satisfaction in teaching judges how to use it.

BY UA/AU | February 08 2010

In this excerpt from his new book, Anthony Stewart explains why professors from visible minorities can’t help but experience a different, and often less inclusive, world of academe.

BY CHRISTINA CHANT | January 11 2010

We’ve pulled together advice from tech-savvy professors to give you the resources you need to start incorporating social media into your teaching.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 11 2010

Why universities need to prepare doctoral students for careers outside academe

BY MOIRA FARR | January 11 2010

It’s possible to find a course or two in men’s studies on Canadian campuses. But is the subject ready for lift-off?

BY TIM JOHNSON | December 07 2009

With devices like the Kindle now available in Canada, e-textbooks are poised to push out traditional paper books – or are they?

BY STEPHEN STRAUSS | December 07 2009

Toronto’s Baher Abdulhai leads the way in helping cities clear up traffic congestion

BY MARK CARDWELL | November 09 2009

The university has built a powerhouse football program that is the envy of interuniversity sport throughout Canada. Here’s how


Philosophy grads from Canadian universities are at a disadvantage in landing tenure-track jobs

BY ALAN MACEACHERN | October 05 2009

Historian Alan MacEachern takes us back to the momentous events a half-century ago that shaped the university system we have today – and the magazine that chronicled those events. My favourite quotation on teaching in Canada comes from Rev. Patrick Bell, writing in 1833 for the folks back home in Scotland about his life as […]

BY DANIEL DROLET | October 05 2009

Alumni from each decade of University Affairs’ existence remember their on-campus adventures

BY MICHAEL SMITH | October 05 2009

What better way to reflect on the changes in education and research over the past 50 years than to look at a single department – especially in the sciences – and what better place to do it than a university that opened its doors 50 years ago?

BY ALEX USHER | October 05 2009

Imagining the future of Canadian post-secondary education

BY TIM JOHNSON | September 08 2009

The efforts of many people have led to a dramatic increase in the number of aboriginal doctors practising in Canada. That’s just a start.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | September 08 2009

Students are the driving force behind the rapid growth of community service learning projects across the country

BY TREENA HEIN | September 08 2009

Canada’s ‘professors of privacy’ are leaders in a global effort to understand the ways governments and corporations are using surveillance methods on average citizens – and to let the public know


As they retire, baby boomers are heading back to school to stay active both intellectually and socially

BY PEGGY BERKOWITZ | August 04 2009

Academic Michèle Lamont shares her insights on the peer review process after she had rare access to the behind-the-scenes deliberations of several multi-disciplinary review panels

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