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BY DAVID HAYES | August 05 2008

Comparative literature is a small field that’s often misunderstood, even by neighbouring disciplines in the faculty of arts. That’s partly why it’s in crisis

BY DANIEL MCCABE | August 05 2008

They’re still a rare breed but the flock is growing. Should it be?

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | August 05 2008

Fewer and fewer universities require students to master a second language. Some think that’s a shame

BY TIM LOUGHEED | June 09 2008

Canadian researchers have been chronicling the decline of the world’s fisheries for years yet some remain cautiously optimistic that we may still be able to turn the tide on their fate

BY ANGELA PEREIRA | June 09 2008

Now called human ecology, its practitioners say the shift to a more science-based discipline reflects a return to the field’s roots


Once bitten by the overseas volunteer bug, these very special faculty and staff members find the work so rewarding that it’s hard to give it up


There’s growing respect for a collaborative kind of research activity that starts with a two-way exchange of information between researchers and the community


There’s growing interest in the role of the university as a tool for regional development, but the impact is hard to measure, warns expert Mario Polèse

BY ANNE MULLENS | April 07 2008

There is a growing tide of litigiousness on Canadian campuses. While some complaints may appear frivolous, universities never take them lightly

BY TIM JOHNSON | March 10 2008

University students are discovering the flexibility and accessibility of distance-education courses

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | March 10 2008

Actually, today’s students are often overwhelmed by multiple stresses. A nurse-educator and administrator explain how their schools are responding to the growing need for mental-health services


Big-city universities try new strategies to keep commuter students on campus, so they’ll do better academically

BY MAEVE HALDANE | February 11 2008

Margaret Lock’s life work has helped reveal how people’s experience of sickness and health is tied to the culture they belong to

BY MOIRA FARR | February 11 2008

Aboriginal leaders like Kevin Chief are inspiring a new generation of kids to stay in school

BY ALLISON LAWLOR | February 11 2008

Mount Allison’s Cuthbertson House gives students a lesson in ecologically friendly living

BY MARK CARDWELL | January 07 2008

Some experts feel Canada’s universities have been slow to support security and intelligence studies post-9/11

BY JEAN NICOLAS | January 07 2008

A heated debate over how to train PhD students for the jobs awaiting them has percolated for 15 years in Europe and the U.S. It’s high time for a Canadian discussion

BY STEPHEN STRAUSS | January 07 2008

Only a tiny fraction of bees produce honey. Researcher Laurence Packer’s mission is to learn everything he can about the vast majority that don’t

BY ALEX GILLIS | December 03 2007

Academic misconduct is a reality, but what’s less certain is how often it occurs and what’s the best way to combat it

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | December 03 2007

Canada’s mishmash of student aid programs is working up to a point but has failed to close the gap in university participation rates between the rich and poor