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BY MICHAEL SMITH | October 05 2009

What better way to reflect on the changes in education and research over the past 50 years than to look at a single department – especially in the sciences – and what better place to do it than a university that opened its doors 50 years ago?

BY ALEX USHER | October 05 2009

Imagining the future of Canadian post-secondary education

BY TIM JOHNSON | September 08 2009

The efforts of many people have led to a dramatic increase in the number of aboriginal doctors practising in Canada. That’s just a start.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | September 08 2009

Students are the driving force behind the rapid growth of community service learning projects across the country

BY TREENA HEIN | September 08 2009

Canada’s ‘professors of privacy’ are leaders in a global effort to understand the ways governments and corporations are using surveillance methods on average citizens – and to let the public know


As they retire, baby boomers are heading back to school to stay active both intellectually and socially

BY PEGGY BERKOWITZ | August 04 2009

Academic Michèle Lamont shares her insights on the peer review process after she had rare access to the behind-the-scenes deliberations of several multi-disciplinary review panels

BY MOIRA FARR | August 04 2009

The practice of psychiatry has changed a great deal in the last 30 years, but the stigma still lingers

BY ASSIA KETTANI | June 08 2009

Women’s studies programs have changed how we view violence against women.


The Students on Ice expedition to Antarctica is no ordinary cruise


With the economy in free fall, university leaders need skill and a tough skin to meet faculty, staff and students face-to-face to explain what’s going on. But it’s what every leader should be doing

BY DIANA SWIFT | April 06 2009

Once hailed as the mightiest magic bullet since antibiotics, gene therapy quickly hit technical and ethical roadblocks. But the lessons learned are helping to guide the next generation of genetic research

BY SHELDON GORDON | April 06 2009

Law students offer their time pro bono to help guide groups and individuals – many of whom can’t afford legal counsel–through the judicial maze

BY DANIEL MCCABE | March 09 2009

In the wake of the most devastating economic crisis in generations, how is the failure of prevailing economic models transforming economists’ research agendas? University Affairs asked a number of Canada’s leading economic thinkers

BY TIM JOHNSON | March 09 2009

Tips and advice on choosing the right teaching with technology conference this year – and how to get the most out of it

BY JEFF DAVIS | March 09 2009

An agricultural researcher who studied at UBC puts his knowledge to work as the new governor of Kandahar province


Our commitment to conduct a research network in two languages faced 
some predictable challenges – and offered some surprising rewards

BY ANNE MULLENS | February 09 2009

Angus McLaren spent a career discovering what 
people thought about sex through the ages

BY DANIEL DROLET | February 09 2009

Atlantic universities learn a lot about wooing applicants as their local supply of 18 to 24-year-olds starts to dry up. Are there lessons here for other regions?

BY LYNN CUNNINGHAM | January 12 2009

He is exceptional in many ways, but Andrew’s disability will make it difficult for him to access postsecondary education. Where does he fit in?

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