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Harvey Weingarten and the agency over which he presides, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, are trying to stir things up in Canada’s postsecondary education sector.

BY MARK CARDWELL | February 07 2011

Phreaks, renegades, subversives – all are fodder for sociology professor Gary Genosko as he makes his peripatetic way through our technoculture.

BY MICHAEL SMITH | February 07 2011

Take a Canadian company with a problem, add the expertise of a graduate student, and the result is a solved business problem and a grad with shop-floor experience. That is the simple math behind the fabulously successful MITACS.

BY SUSAN PETERS | February 07 2011

A few people, perhaps a thousand a year, leave their body to medical science at Canadian universities. This is their story.


A new book recounts the legacy of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation

BY DANIEL DROLET | January 12 2011

It’s a truism: universities are steeped in tradition. But while some campus customs have survived the ages, others have fallen into disfavour as the university itself changes with the times.

BY JOHN LORINC | January 12 2011

Canadian governments give generously with tax incentives and subsidies for business R&D, but businesses aren’t doing that much R&D in Canada. What are we doing wrong?

BY DIANA SWIFT | December 06 2010

The world’s neglected tropical diseases debilitate or kill more than one billion people worldwide. But there is hope as a small number of researchers in Canada and elsewhere join the battle to reduce the heavy burden of illness.


For real change, we need to radically rethink the teaching and learning process.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | December 06 2010

Those who observe a wrongdoing at a university often face two unpalatable options – blow the whistle and suffer the consequences or turn a blind eye and let it continue unchecked.

BY LYNN CUNNINGHAM | November 08 2010

Call me cuckoo – I do – but I don’t understand why my university health plan won’t cover treatment for mental illness.

BY BENOÎT GODIN | November 08 2010

The short, fascinating history of how we measure science reflects the preoccupations of the time.

BY MARK CARDWELL | November 08 2010

“All of them are endangered,” says one academic. “There are no exceptions.”


Universities are considered to be among the most liberal institutions in society, yet many non-Caucasian scholars say they still feel excluded or denied opportunities. How does this happen?

BY VIRGINIA GALT | October 12 2010

The two partners behind the research marketing firm Academica tell us what today’s students are looking for in a university education.

BY TIM JOHNSON | October 12 2010

Deciding which system works best for your university can be complicated, but let’s not call the whole discussion off, urge two professors.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | September 13 2010

Three guys, three PhDs in science (one pending), write three blogs on science policy. Their blog posts – and personal lives – provide interesting insights into the state of science training in Canada today.

BY DIANE PETERS | September 13 2010

Your technology may look clean, but it’s using up lots of power – and that means greenhouse gas emissions.

BY DANIEL DROLET | September 13 2010

A community-wide initiative to keep kids in school, spearheaded by sociologist Michel Perron, is winning converts far from Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region.

BY DIANE PETERS | September 13 2010

Universities are looking at ways to make information technology on campus more energy efficient and eco-friendly.