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BY ROCHELLE MAZAR | October 12 2010

In the future, will we continue to store our files on a computer, or will we be storing everything on a cloud?

BY UA/AU | September 13 2010

In this inaugural episode, Rochelle delves in to the world of Twitter. Yes, it can actually be useful to academics.

BY UA/AU | August 16 2010

An interview with Doug Peers, associate vice-president graduate and dean of graduate studies at York University, on why academics should consider the life of an administrator.

BY UA/AU | May 03 2010

An interview with Jack Duffy, a professor at Dalhousie University, on the benefits of becoming a university administrator.

BY UA/AU | March 08 2010

By simply switching on his home computer and picking up the phone, Tom Erickson is already at the office. Could you work this way?

BY UA/AU | January 11 2010

An interview with Brian Campbell, dean of graduate studies at chair of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | November 23 2009

An interview with Marianne Stanford, chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | November 09 2009

An interview with Sunny Marche, associate dean of graduate studies at Dalhousie University

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | September 21 2009

An interview with Janice Deakin, the associate vice-principal and dean of graduate studies and research at Queen’s University

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | August 04 2009

An interview with Chet Jablonski, Assistant provost, research and graduate studies at Zayed University in Dubai


An interview with two graduate students association presidents


An interview with Noreen Golfman, dean of graduate studies at Memorial University

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | April 06 2009

An interview with Kevin Vessey, dean of graduate studies at St. Mary’s University

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | March 09 2009

An interview with John ApSimon, interim executive director, Ontario Council on Graduate Studies

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | February 23 2009

An interview with Gary Slater, dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies, University of Ottawa

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | February 09 2009

An interview with Dan Russell, research scientist at Google

BY CAROLYN WATTERS | January 26 2009

An interview with Martin Kreiswirth, dean of graduate studies, McGill University

BY SABINE HIKEL | November 05 2007

From English PhD to environmentalist.

BY SABINE HIKEL | October 09 2007

From dramaturge to life coach

BY SABINE HIKEL | August 07 2007

From would-be linguist to TV producer

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