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BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | August 08 2018

The job can be challenging, all-consuming and even isolating – but also rewarding.

BY JULIA EASTMAN | July 24 2018

The decision-making authority of universities appears to be shrinking, and that’s cause for concern.

BY ANGELA CAMPBELL | March 06 2018

The careers of our most inspiring institutional leaders are marked by a lived commitment to these principles.

BY SHEILA COTE-MEEK | January 10 2018

“As a leader, there will be times when you just have to take a leap of faith.”

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 03 2018

The deliberations of university boards seem to have become more rancorous and controversial of late. What’s going on?

BY PAUL AXELROD | November 01 2017

University leaders concerned about the employability of graduates should sustain academic and curricular diversity, including the liberal arts.

BY DIANE PETERS | October 04 2017

A prosperous and healthy city benefits urban universities and their surrounding communities.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | August 30 2017

There’s little evidence that automatic entrance scholarships persuade students to accept an offer of admission. Could the funds be better spent elsewhere?

BY RYAN BURNS | August 21 2017

Educate yourself, embrace activism, donate your time, and more.

BY PAUL AXELROD | August 03 2017

“Extremism is now startlingly pervasive, politically poisonous, and requires constant repudiation.”


Lessons learned from the presidential transition committee at the University of Saskatchewan.

BY MARTHA CRAGO | March 08 2017

“We need to become aware of the social realities that set us apart from many of our fellow citizens and address them.”


Five years after the Printemps érable, one of the biggest protest movements ever to hit Quebec, the province’s universities remain underfunded and beset by a series of unresolved issues.

BY KATHRYN SHAILER | November 08 2016

For the benefit of the entire university community, we need to talk, we need to work together and we need to quell the self-righteous rhetoric.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | November 02 2016

Experts from within and outside of academia expound on what role universities can play to further the innovation agenda.

BY ANQI SHEN | October 31 2016

A Q&A with Belinda Robinson, chief executive of Universities Australia.

BY OMAR MOUALLEM | September 07 2016

How a Christian university opened its heart to the Canadian Muslim convicted of war crimes.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | August 03 2016

Presidential terminations and resignations are nothing new, even in the staid world of academia. Yet, rarely have they played out in so public a manner as the abrupt departure of president Arvind Gupta at the University of British Columbia in the summer of 2015 or the messy dismissal of Ilene Busch-Vishniac as president of the […]

BY MARK CARDWELL | April 05 2016

Universities must act decisively when disaster strikes.


An excerpt from Solitudes of the Workplace: Women in Universities.

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