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BY SHAWNA WAGMAN | February 23 2016

Outgoing Ottawa Citizen editor to lead McGill’s Institute for the Study of Canada.

“I really feel like I’ve won the lottery,” says Andrew Potter, who steps down as the editor of the Ottawa Citizen in February to become director of McGill University’s Institute for the Study of Canada. The post, which he begins Aug. 1, brings Dr. Potter back to his undergraduat...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 23 2016

Organizations praise funding boosts for campus infrastructure, research and financial aid, but more could be done for indigenous students, some say.

The university sector responded swiftly to the first budget released by the federal Liberals under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on March 22. The government pledged billions of dollars that will directly and indirectly benefit postsecondary education through funding for infrastructure, research and ...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | March 24 2016
La réaction du milieu universitaire au premier budget du gouvernement libéral de Justin Trudeau ne s’est pas fait attendre. En vertu de ce budget du 22 mars, des milliards de dollars profiteront directement et indirectement à l’éducation postsecondaire. Ils contribueront au financement de l...
BY ANQI SHEN | May 04 2016

Move is overdue recognition that the university has become much more diverse, says president.

The Concordia University of Edmonton’s announcement in April that it will no longer be religiously based reflects what the university has been for decades: a publicly supported institution that does not serve one particular constituency, said the university’s president, Gerald Krispin. What b...
BY ANQI SHEN | May 24 2016

Selon le recteur, cette renonciation qui n’a que trop tardé témoigne du net renforcement de la diversité de l’établissement.

L’Université de Concordia d’Edmonton a annoncé en avril dernier qu’elle renonçait à son caractère confessionnel. Selon son recteur, Gerald Krispin, cette décision correspond au mandat de Concordia depuis des décennies déjà : un établissement public, qui ne dessert aucune communaut...
BY BRENNA BAGGS | November 15 2016

The region loses 1,300 people aged 20-29 each year.

Talented graduates need more reasons to stay in Atlantic Canada, said Dino Trevisani, president of IBM Canada, in a keynote address at an event in Halifax hosted by Universities Canada. At the November 7 Continue reading event, “Inspired thinking on entrepre...
BY ANQI SHEN | November 22 2016

International students “would make the best future Canadians,” says immigration minister.

New rules for Continue reading immigration process put international students in a better position to become permanent residents. The
BY ANQI SHEN | November 29 2016

Selon le ministre de l’Immigration, des Réfugiés et de la Citoyenneté, les étudiants étrangers « feraient les meilleurs Canadiens »

Les nouvelles règles du processus d’immigration canadien Continue reading facilitent l’obtention du statut de résident permanent pour les étudiants étrangers. En vigueur depuis le 19 novembre, les
BY HELEN MURPHY | February 17 2017

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, attendees confront a new troubling reality

It did not take long at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Continue reading for questions to be raised about the new U.S. administration and the challenges it poses to science. In the opening minutes of the AAAS meeting last night,...

Des universitaires échangent sur les défis du marché du travail pour les doctorants et sur les changements à apporter pour faciliter la transition.

Surqualification, emploi hors du milieu universitaire, décalage entre obtention de diplôme et besoin du marché, ces préoccupations ne sont que quelques-unes de celles avec lesquelles jonglent les doctorants en matière d’employabilité. Auparavant considérée comme le sésame qui permettai...
BY SARA HAROWITZ | August 03 2017

Contact!Unload blends soldiers’ stories with data to call attention to deployment-related psychological trauma.

People go to the theatre for all kinds of reasons – to be transported and entertained, to engage with art and escape to a different reality. But what if it could also be space to find out about life-changing research? It is an idea that George Belliveau, a professor of theatre education at the ...
BY ANQI SHEN | September 27 2017

Mona Nemer, biochemistry professor and recent vice-president of research at the University of Ottawa, takes the helm.

Mona Nemer has been named Canada’s new chief science advisor, and today is her first day on the job. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Science Minister Kirsty Duncan made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Dr. Nemer and Art McDonald, a 2015 Nobel Prize winn...
BY ANQI SHEN | March 27 2018

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries proposes that institutions renegotiate unsustainable deals with journal publishers and transition toward open access.

For years, academic libraries have struggled to keep up with the rising costs of journal subscriptions set by a few large, international publishers. The situation “is now getting to a point of crisis,” according to the Canadian Association of Research Libraries...
BY ANQI SHEN | March 29 2018

L’Association des bibliothèques de recherche du Canada souhaite que les universités renégocient les ententes non viables avec les éditeurs et fassent la transition vers le libre accès.

Depuis des années, les bibliothèques universitaires font des pieds et des mains pour absorber la hausse des frais d’abonnement aux revues savantes fixés par une poignée de grands éditeurs internationaux. La situation est devenue insoutenable, selon l’Association des bibliothèques de recher...

The initiative builds on a pilot project in Nova Scotia to combat the region’s shrinking and aging population.

International students Taruna Boodhun and Khousmita Gopaul started at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2016. They both chose PEI partly because it was an island, like their home country of Mauritius. While they experienced some adjustments, in particular adapting to different foods and the ...

Douze avenues proposées pour améliorer l’insertion professionnelle de la relève en recherche à l’extérieur de l’université.

Dans son Continue reading sur la relève en recherche et les carrières hors des murs universitaires, le comité intersectoriel étudiant (CIÉ) des Fonds de recherche du Québec dégage d...
BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | December 10 2018

The association representing postdocs unveiled four key policy recommendations at a conference in Ottawa.

Postdoctoral scholars are the backbone of academic research, and yet they face a number of serious challenges in Canada, including poor pay, uneven work benefits and a lack of recognition for their training and expertise, according to representatives of the Cana...
BY MOIRA MACDONALD | January 09 2019

The mounting teacher shortages in parts of Canada have several sources, including working conditions, cuts to teacher education programs and a lack of specialty instructors.

Seana Schonfeldt-Taylor is getting a jumpstart on her teaching career before she’s even finished her bachelor of education program. The undergraduate at Laurentian University is in her final year of a concurrent education degree that she has combined with a bachelor’s in sociology. Since the ...
BY SHIREEN AHMED | January 17 2019

La nouvelle politique appuie l’inclusion des athlètes transgenres dans le milieu du sport universitaire, mais certaines préoccupations demeurent.

Après plus de deux ans d’efforts, U Sports, l’organisme de gouvernance du sport universitaire au Canada, a publié à la fin de 2018 une Continue reading qui permet ...
BY ANQI SHEN | March 20 2019

The federal government’s pre-election budget contains several key items for students and universities.

Ahead of the fall election, the federal Liberals tabled a budget on March 19 focused on skills, employment and youth, along with other items related to affordable housing, pharmacare and seniors. The budget contains several key items for the postsecondary sector, including a target to create 84,000 ...