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Responsibilities May Include

There are several details that should be finalized before you sign on to a faculty position.

This article is based on a session that took place at the 2023 Continue reading. At that session, Emmanuelle spoke with Reinhart, who shared his advice about t...
Responsibilities May Include

Vous devez réfléchir à plusieurs points avant que vous ne signiez pour un poste professoral.

Ce billet est inspiré d’un échange entre Emmanuelle et Reinhart à l’occasion du Continue reading, lors duquel Reinhart...
BY JOSH KOZELJ | April 18 2024

Quality of varsity sport broadcasts and player promotions will suffer, says former staffer.

Simon Fraser University is continuing to trim its athletic department nearly one year after axing the school’s football program. In February, the school dismissed its
Ask Dr. Editor

Material that may appear to be too different can sometimes make the book stronger and better.

quote>Question: I’m quilting together a draft of my first monograph, and the more I revise it, the more I’m getting worried that there’s a chunk that doesn’t quite fit. But I’m so done with this topic! The idea of having to do more research and write more in this are...
Responsibilities May Include
BY JOEL RODGERS | April 16 2024

Even though funding remains the most requested priority, many PhDs also want professional development support.

Over the past decade, the pressures on pursuing a PhD have intensified. Inflation and the cost of living have ballooned while graduate funding has not kept pace with these economic challenges. The collapse of the academic job market in some sectors has added acute pressure on doctoral students

The proposed funding is intended to facilitate access to care and support mental health initiatives, as experts call for greater coordination between federal and provincial governments.

The federal government’s 2024 budget has brought the mental health of young Canadians to the forefront. For many students and young professionals, the lack of access to private mental health care, combined with the high cost of living, can make overcoming mental illness a steep hill to climb. The ...
Academic for life
BY WERNER J. BECKER | May 14 2024

It is important to move beyond your previous experience and challenge yourself in this new phase of life.

We go through many phases in our lives, and each transition is often a time of excitement and renewal. We enter our teenage years, learn new things, and have many new experiences. We may attend university, get married, start a new job, have children ... the list goes on and on. Retirement can be ...
Academic for life
BY WERNER J. BECKER | May 24 2024

Il est essentiel de diversifier vos expériences et de vous lancer des défis dans cette nouvelle phase de vie.

Notre vie est remplie d’étapes, et chaque transition est une période trépidante de renouveau. On vit d’abord l’adolescence, marquée par des apprentissages et une foule de nouvelles expériences. Ensuite, c’est peut-être l’université, le mariage, un nouvel emploi, les enfants... la li...
The Skills Agenda

Applying care ethics to our academic work.

Emotional labour – defined as the management of emotions done as part of one’s role – is an important component of academic work. Many people working in academia perform emotional labour daily through activities such as

How the best practices in working with students with learning disabilities are paving the way to improve outcomes for students who are emotionally distressed.

University campuses across Canada are struggling with a mental health tsunami that is reordering priorities in every community and educational institution. Dealing with crises and the potential for suicide has altered the lives and agendas of people working in schools, hospitals, municipalities and ...
BY WENDY GLAUSER | December 03 2014

Across the country, people with disabilities are redefining the possible by excelling in scholarly pursuits that were once off limits to them.

Evolving attitudes, policies and technology have given rise to a generation of undergrads, graduate students and faculty members with disabilities who demand inclusive spaces, teaching styles and supports. “More and more students with different disabilities who didn’t previously access postse...
BY VIVIAN SMITH | September 09 2015

Adam Jones wrestles with the worst that humans can inflict on each other yet remains an optimist.

The photograph projected onto a large screen shows a tangle of lime-bleached arm and leg bones and skulls on wooden platforms at the Murambi Genocide Memorial in southern Rwanda. The image is hard to look at but the students and other audience members in the lect...
BY ASHLEIGH VANHOUTEN | February 03 2016

A few of the best mobile apps found on campuses across Canada.

Mobile apps are ubiquitous on student’s phones—and while many are, arguably, for sharing images or connecting with friends, you may find a helpful university app on a student’s home screen among the others. Universities across the country are developing their own customized apps to provide stu...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | January 25 2017

The outgoing vice-provost, students, is taking up a new post at Sheridan College.

After 17 years at York University, Janet Morrison stepped down from the role of vice-provost, students, last November to become provost and vice-president, academic, at Sheridan College. Dr. Morrison, who holds a PhD in higher education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, spoke with Uni...
BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | September 27 2017

Schools are also looking to encourage domestic students to benefit from international students’ presence.

As the blip-blip-bloop of the classic Skype ringtone connects me with Zack (Guanglong) Pang at Wilfrid Laurier University, it occurs to me that a little box like this on a computer screen may be the only window through which this international student has seen his family for the past few years ...
BY UA/AU | December 13 2017
En rétrospective de l'année qui vient de s'écouler, voici les faits saillants du magazine, soit les articles qui ont su...
BY SUZANNE BOWNESS | February 20 2019

Moving beyond the traditional resumé-writing workshops, many centres are now helping students conceive of their career paths from the start of their studies.

University career centres: that’s where you go to get a tuneup on your resumé and cover letter as you’re graduating, right? Yes, just before you exit the ivory tower into the warm embrace of various employers all waiting to welcome you to the working world. If you’re shaking your head at t...
BY RANDY BOYAGODA | June 28 2019

The campus novel is fiction for our times, but the best of the genre is timeless.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | April 08 2020

Traditional in-person conferences have been criticized for a variety of reasons, but the current COVID-19 pandemic puts them in a whole new light.

Earlier this year, Orad Reshef was trying to pull his life back together after being away from his Ottawa home for 10 of the previous 14 days. First there was a conference in San Francisco. Getting home from that left him with a pocketful of reissued boarding passes tha...
BY MOIRA MACDONALD | April 08 2020

Les conférences conventionnelles en personne ont déjà été critiquées pour diverses raisons, mais la pandémie actuelle de COVID-19 les remet en question d’une toute nouvelle façon.

Un peu plus tôt cette année, Orad Reshef essayait de retrouver un rythme de vie normal après avoir été absent de chez lui, à Ottawa, dix jours en deux semaines. Tout d’abord, il y avait eu cette conférence à San Francisco. Au retour, il avait les poches plei...