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Responsibilities May Include

Whether you are an academic-in-waiting or seeking a non-academic career, it is important to reflect on and show off the breadth of your teaching experience.

Whether as teaching assistants, course instructors, lab technicians or mentors, graduate students engage in a multitude of teaching-related work while completing their degrees. Continue reading how to reflect on and articulat...
Graduate Matters
BY TANIA SULTANA | September 01 2023

This handy checklist will help you address any potential gaps in your application.

For doctoral candidates, obtaining a fellowship is a significant step towards advancing their academic careers. Receiving a Continue reading – open to Canadian and international applicants – provides a ca...
Graduate Matters
BY TANIA SULTANA | September 14 2023

À l’approche de la date limite pour soumettre un dossier, une ex-boursière formule quelques conseils à l’intention des candidat.e.s.

L’obtention d’une bourse postdoctorale est une grande étape dans la carrière universitaire d’un.e doctorant.e. Accessible aux universitaires du Canada et de l’étranger, la Continue reading est la prom...
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BY CHRIS HELSBY | April 17 2024

Artificial intelligence has swiftly become a transformative force in higher education, reshaping the student journey from induction to learning outcomes.

The academic community has come a long way in 12 months, with positive attitudes toward AI now prevalent and with academics ranging from cautiously optimistic to enthusiastic about harnessing its potential to invest in students. Now, as the sector transitions from a year of fact-finding in 2023 t...
The Skills Agenda
BY LOLEEN BERDAHL | June 12 2024

Students are not being properly prepared for future careers. This needs to change.

Arts graduate education in Canada needs reimagining. Social science and humanities master’s and doctoral students are, by and large, either being prepared for academic ca...
BY DANIEL DROLET | February 09 2009

Atlantic universities learn a lot about wooing applicants as their local supply of 18 to 24-year-olds starts to dry up. Are there lessons here for other regions?

Robyn Zajac knew she wanted to study outside her native Manitoba, so she applied to universities in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, was near the bottom of her list;...
BY DANIEL DROLET | February 12 2014

Switching disciplines in academia is not an easy choice, but those who’ve done it say the move can broaden your outlook and enrich your life.

Spend a little time Googling and you can quickly come up with names of famous people who switched careers in mid-stream. Julia Child, for example, worked in intelligence for the U.S. government before transitioning to cookbook author and television chef. Harrison Ford was a carpenter before he made ...
BY UA/AU | December 30 2021
As an eventful 2021 comes to an end, here are the stories and issues that shaped the year in Canadian higher education. Re-enjoy some of our award-winning content during your holiday break. And in the spirit of the season, share this newsletter with anyone in your network who may not know about UA. ...

Library sprouts a new addition, which is accessible to the local community.

Twenty years after transitioning to digital records, Dalhousie University’s MacRae Library has dusted off its wooden card catalogues to house its latest collection: seeds. MacRae’s seed lending library...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | September 21 2015

Residences compete to see which building can conserve the most.

Residence staff and students at Western University have turned an energy conservation initiative into a program with serious buzz. Continue reading, which takes place this year from Sept. 28 to Oct. 11, will involve up to 5,000 stud...
BY NATALIE SAMSON | April 20 2016

Mindshare series officially launched in Edmonton with a discussion on the future of energy.

Energy, new frontiers in space, cyber security, socio-economic diversity, water security, reconciliation, human migration: these are some of the big issues Canada’s governments and communities are grappling with – and, with the help of a new travelling speaker series, universities are positi...
BY BECKY RYNOR | June 27 2018

To build empathy and find solutions, civic leaders and service providers were asked to navigate the web of local agencies.

If you are 17-year-old Rachelle, you have already had a tough life. Your mom was a drug addict. You were bounced between various family members and an array of foster homes. Some foster parents were nice, Rachelle recalled. “Some would allow us to have family dinners with them. Some locked the fri...
BY UA/AU | April 30 2021

April 28, 2021

Atlantic universities under lockdown

The Continue reading is reporting an outbreak at its Magee House residence. ...
Media Scan
BY TARA SIEBARTH | April 16 2019
Hamilton Spectator Continue reading Hamilton researchers have discovered "kingpin" cells that or...
Media Scan
Huffington Post Continue reading When Ye En Kim came to Canada to study engineering, she was eager to practice at McGill ...
Media Scan
The Globe and Mail Continue reading For students in the class ...
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Global News Continue reading Addressing Canadians on Wedn...
Media Scan
BY HANNAH LIDDLE | June 26 2023
CBC News Continue reading A group of academics who took part in an event at King's University College ...
In my opinion
BY JAMES SOUTHWORTH | February 13 2018

Op-ed articles help students to learn the important skills of engaging and persuading a reader.

There’s something rather futile about argumentative research papers that focus on moral, political and social issues. For all their merits in developing students’ writing, research and critical thinking skills, these papers usually fail. That is, they fail in their purpose of persuading a reader...