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From the admin chair

We must ensure that elders are integrated into teaching and learning, not separated from it.

Over the past two decades, especially in academia, there have been positive changes in attitudes about Indigenous peoples and a growing respect and place for Indigenous elders. There is a resurgence of interest in connecting with those who “hold culture” in the fullness of their years. Indigenou...
From the admin chair

Les Aîné.e.s doivent être intégré.e.s à l’enseignement et à l’apprentissage plutôt que gardé.e.s à la marge.

From the admin chair
BY SANNI YAYA | June 13 2023

Universities must work together to find new ways to collaborate and share knowledge using artificial intelligence.

Long before artificial intelligence (AI) became what we know it to be today, biochemist and science fiction icon Isaac Asimov established the three laws of robotics, the first being “a robot may not injure a human being”, followed by “A robot must obey the orders given by human beings.” Neve...
From the admin chair
BY SANNI YAYA | June 13 2023

La coopération interuniversitaire s’impose pour l’émergence de nouveaux modes de collaboration et de transmission des savoirs, grâce à l’intelligence artificielle.

Longtemps avant l’émergence de la notion d’intelligence artificielle telle que nous la connaissons aujourd’hui, le biochimiste et icône de la littérature de science-fiction Isaac Asimov établissait les trois lois de la robotique, dont la première, « un robot ne peut porter atteinte à ...
Margin Notes
BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 17 2010

What happens when a “good education” doesn’t lead to a good job?

What should you do if you’ve “done everything right” – went to university, perhaps even grad school – and yet you’ve failed to land meaningful employment? I have no career advice to offer, but do suggest you might have a look at a new blog by Laura Servage, a doctoral student at the Univ...
The Black Hole
BY DAVID KENT | May 08 2017

Get ’em while they’re young, says David Kent.

One of the biggest challenges facing early career researchers in biomedical science is the substantial shift in human resources for training periods – PhDs take longer, postdoctoral fellowships take longer (or are multiple), and the average age to first faculty position keeps getting later and lat...
Speculative Diction
BY MELONIE FULLICK | March 16 2016
In a post Continue reading I wrote about how usually, when it’s argued there is an “overproduction” of PhDs, “demand” for doctoral graduates is being implicitly de...
Career Advice
BY NANDA DIMITROV | November 17 2008

Five practical tips to help you beat academic culture shock

When visiting another country, openness, flexibility and a willingness to dig into your emotional toolbox to solve problems are often needed to overcome culture shock. Academic culture shock is no different: research in the field of cross-cultural psychology demonstrates that tolerance for ambigu...
Career Advice
BY ROGER GRAVES | January 15 2014

How to get your students to submit better assignments.

Do you want to: a) Improve the quality of writing your students turn in at the end of the term? b) Save time grading that stack of papers? c) Improve your course evaluations? d) All of the above? One way to accomplish these goals is to invest in revising the writing assignments in your cour...
Career Advice

Un perfectionnement professionnel structuré.

En 2012, le département de biochimie de l’Université de Toronto a mis sur pied un cours crédité en perfectionnement professionnel aux cycles supérieurs. L’effectif était limité à 20 étudiants, de façon à offrir un contexte d’apprentissage intime et interactif. Le cours a mis l’acc...
Career Advice
BY SHOSHANAH JACOBS | January 11 2017
For the last five semesters I have co-taught an introductory biology course. Until now, this has not been the norm in our department. This semester has been different for many instructors: half of our courses are now co-instructed. This dramatic restructuring has caused me to reflect on my experienc...
Career Advice
BY LESLEY IRVINE | October 02 2020

Les visioconférences changent la donne dans la mesure où l’orateur se voit parler en direct.

Avec le confinement et les restrictions liées à la crise du Covid-19, nombreux sont les élèves et les parents qui se sont habitués à dialoguer par caméra interposée, avec un ordinateur, une tablette ou un smartphone. La difficulté consiste en général à trouver un endroit propice où s’...
Career Advice
BY YVES LABERGE | February 10 2021

Il suffit d’un peu d’imagination pour maximiser toutes les possibilités que peut offrir l’enseignement asynchrone.

De nos jours, enseigner asynchroniquement signifie que les étudiants suivent en différé, et non en direct, un cours à distance préalablement enregistré, par exemple sur leur écran individuel. Pour l’enseignant, il s’agit de préenregistrer, étapes par étapes ou d’un seul trait, chaque...
Career Advice
BY CAROLYN STERN | February 18 2021

By using your emotions like data, grad students and leaders alike will be able to boost productivity, engagement as well as their overall well-being.

Feelings are not facts. They are just feelings. Not good or bad, right or wrong, just an emotional reaction to a person, thing or situation. Learning to be bigger than your emotions is critical for success in school, business and life. Young people (particularly Generation Z) need to learn to be an ...
Career Advice

How an online career symposium created connections for graduate students, postdocs and staff.

With over 3,000 registrations for 16 sessions, “I am not alone,” may be the most surprising sentiment that describes the feelings of thousands of attendees at the inaugural Canadian Career Symposium for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows this past November. As 2020 was largely marked by ...
Career Advice
BY KATIE GEORGE | December 08 2022

Without properly training them, we are throwing our academics to the wind and shortchanging their students.

There I sat in the lecture hall as an undergraduate student two decades ago, my eyes glazing over from the monotonous droning of our prof who recited, word for word, the information we could all read on his haphazard slides. Even then I wondered: doesn’t anyone train professors how to teach? Tu...
From PhD to Life
BY JENNIFER POLK | January 19 2016
Earlier this month I attended the American Historical Association conference in Atlanta. Although I earned my PhD in history, this was my first time at the annual event. I didn’t go to present a paper or otherwise talk about my research, and I didn’t go to interview for an academic job. I went t...
From PhD to Life
BY MAREN WOOD | October 23 2018

What has and hasn’t worked at institutions that support career development and professionalization.

Over the past several years, Jen and I have interviewed hundreds of PhDs about their career transitions. We consistently hear is that PhDs have what it takes in terms of education and skills to move into meaningful careers beyond the professoriate, but they often struggle to land their first positio...
Careers Café
BY JO VANEVERY | August 20 2012
The imminent beginning of a new academic year seems like a good time to broach this difficult topic. Before you make another tuition payment, it's a good idea to make a conscious decision about whether doing a PhD is still the right path for you.

How do you feel?

This is a serious questio...
Responsibilities May Include

Even in our new virtual world, you can still create meaningful connections to others in your field.

It’s not easy being a graduate student in 2020. On top of all the stresses and pressures of pursuing an advanced degree, the ongoing pandemic has brought Continue reading...