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Advertising Portal – Help page

What is the UA Career Advertising Portal?
This portal can be used for booking online career advertisements that are posted on our careers website.  If you want to book career advertisements that should also appear in the print and digital editions of University Affairs magazine, please check our website for more information or contact us by email at [email protected].

Ad booking process
New users must create an account before booking ads. After creating an account and logging in, select ‘Submit New Advertisement’ from the left navigation.  After you enter all the text and information for your advertisement, click ‘Next’. After reviewing the information to ensure that everything is accurate, click ‘Confirm and Submit Ad’. Note: Please make sure that everything is correct before clicking the “Submit” button as you cannot make any edits yourself afterward, but staff at [email protected] will be happy to make them for you later.

Approval process
Once your job posting is submitted, UA staff will review it and do quality control checks. You will then get an email confirmation, which includes a link where you can preview your job posting. The posting will go live on our website within 1 business day.

Once you submit the job posting, the system will give you the choice of paying for the ad immediately by credit card or to let us send you an invoice by email that you can pay later.

How to provide your advertising content

Institution: This is the name of the organization for which you are recruiting. Once you start typing, the system will suggest names that you can pick. You can also type part of a name, such as “queen” and names that have that word in it will show up. If the name you want to use is not suggested, you can type it in yourself.

Location: Select which Canadian province or territory the candidate would be working. If there is no specific location, you can select “Canada”. If you are recruiting for elsewhere in North America, you can select “United States” or “Mexico”. For any other international destination, simply select “Outside North America”.

Position title: This is how your jobs listing will appear on our website. We recommend the following formats for the following positions:

  • Administrative and executive postions
    Using the job title is easiest. Examples: “Vice-President, Academic”; “Dean, School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment”, “Director, Student Experience”.
  • Faculty, research, research chair and postdoc positions
    For job seekers it is easier to scan posting if they start with the discipline. Examples: “English Literature – Assistant Professor”; “Law – Faculty Appointments”; “Computational Quantum Science and Technology for Chemistry – Tier 2 Canada Research Chair”. You can use brackets to identify subspecialties or other pertinent information. Example: “Biological Sciences – Assistant or Associate Professor (Molecular Ecology)”; “Nursing – Registered Midwives (Instructor II)“.

Job category: Select the most appropriate one. If more than one can apply, select multiple. For example a department head can be an administrator (academic) and a faculty/researcher. Research chairs have their own tag, but they are also faculty/researchers.

Job disciplines: Particularly for non-administrative positions, select up to three discipline codes. You can type in a word and the system will suggest matches. You can also use the first two digits of the CIP code set to see what codes are available within a discipline. For example “14” will show you all available codes within engineering. You can also reference our Media Kit. If you prefer that we select the most appropriate disciplines for you, just leave this field blank.

Publication period: Our standard term is 60 days from the day you are booking your ad. If you want the ad to start later or end before the 60 days are up, for example on the closing date, you can adjust the dates accordingly. If you need the posting to on our site for more than 60 days, just select the appropriate end date. We will invoice you only $100 for each additional block of 30 days.

Featured job ad: To get extra visibility for your posting, you can use the checkbox to indicate that you want it to also show as a “Feature Job” throughout the UA website and in our newsletters.

Featured jobs run per 30-day block at $50. It is possible to just run these for 30 days, instead of 60 or 90. If you just require one term, please let us know in the “Notes” area just before the Order Summary.

Invoice estimate: The system will calculate how much you can expect to pay. Please note that if any adjustments are necessary, such as in the example above, do not use the “pay by credit card” option. We will make the invoice adjustment based on your instructions and send you an invoice by email instead.

Portal Home page

The home page shows you all the career advertisements that you booked. If you want to find a particular one, you can use the search function at the top of the page.

Cloning advertisements: If you have several ads to book or if you want to repeat a past posting, you can use the “clone” function in the form. Just click on the icon at the right side of an ad and it will duplicate its content and you can save it as a new ad afterward.