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March 2012

BY TARA SIEBARTH | February 11 2012
BY CHERYL BARTLETT | February 06 2012

Cape Breton University’s integrative science program works to bring indigenous learning and science together.

BY MICHAEL SMITH | February 06 2012

Federal government must decide how much funding to give Canada’s high-speed computing network.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 06 2012

A professor helps to revive a Cape Breton Island tradition.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 06 2012

Vancouver’s transit service agrees the project has merit.

BY LÉO CHARBONNEAU | February 06 2012

Hard Rock Medical follows a group of medical students at a fictional school in Northern Ontario.

BY CINDY DEACHMAN | February 06 2012

UBC professor Ernest Mathijs deconstructs what makes a film a cult classic.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | February 06 2012

Presidents and senior administrators from 36 universities convene for AUCC workshop about mental health issues on campus.

BY MOIRA FARR | February 06 2012

In the social-media age, “face time” between students and professors is becoming rare.

BY TIM LOUGHEED | February 06 2012

Nuclear imaging has revolutionized how we diagnose and treat life-threatening diseases. But the technology requires a reliable supply of isotopes to produce the high-quality images. Canada had it, but nearly lost it, throwing the nuclear imaging field into crisis. The federal government wants to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

BY CLAUDIO D’ANDREA | February 06 2012

It may not let you forget all your troubles and cares, as Petula Clark once sang, but going downtown is proving popular for many universities.

BY MARK CARDWELL | January 25 2012

Annual contest invites architecture students to design ice-and-snow-themed suites.

BY ROSANNA TAMBURRI | January 18 2012

Competition for the best students and grade inflation prompt changes in the way some universities assess student applicants.