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BY MARIE LAMBERT-CHAN | November 20 2014

Like other organizations, universities haven’t quite decided how to deal with the emergence of electronic cigarettes. Should they allow people to “vape” as they please while the public health risks are still under debate? As of Oct. 1, according to the organization Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, 291 U.S. colleges and universities have prohibited the use […]

BY VINCENT LARIVIÈRE | November 19 2014

By encouraging researchers to publish in international journals, we may be steering their work in the wrong direction.


Newcomers to the academy do not necessarily or immediately find its rules easy to grasp.

BY B.W. POWE | November 05 2014

Two of Canada’s cultural and intellectual giants were also rivals at U of T.

BY DIANE PETERS | November 05 2014

As a young historian, she treated obstacles as things to understand rather than to skirt. The attitude persisted during her entire, stellar career.

BY VIVIAN SMITH | November 05 2014

It aims to engage students with a mix of online lectures and in-class components.