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BY MAUD CUCCHI | November 29 2023

As Polytechnique Montréal celebrates its 150th anniversary, we shine a spotlight on the engineer’s path to becoming the first woman to lead the institution.

BY MARC SPOONER | November 24 2023

One clear message from the panel is that the provincial government’s plans regarding performance-based funding were misguided.

BY EMILY BARON CADLOFF | November 20 2023

Its leadership is committing to changing a culture of silence that surrounded accusations around late professor Wayne Hankey.

BY PASCALE CASTONGUAY | November 13 2023

Denis Harrisson looks back on his years as president of Université du Québec en Outaouais.

BY HANNAH LIDDLE | November 09 2023

By engaging with the public, academics are building trust on behalf of their institutions within their communities.

BY LEVONNE ABSHIRE | November 07 2023

We should be embedding health equity into all aspects of campus culture.

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | November 02 2023

The Quebec government’s announced tuition fee increase for out-of-province students has sparked intense political debate over university funding.

BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | November 01 2023

‘All of my work is informed by my own understanding of Anishinaabe cultural identity.’

BY SPARROW MCGOWAN | October 25 2023

With support for graduate students at a breaking point, Canadian universities are feeling the impact.

BY CAILYNN KLINGBEIL | October 18 2023

Two professors have developed a new teaching and learning philosophy that encourages more fun in higher education.

BY JADINE NGAN | October 17 2023

Canadian universities emerged from the pandemic with investment growth, but long-term sustainability is a consistent concern.

BY DIANE PETERS | October 13 2023

COVID-19 led to new opportunities and challenges.

BY LETITIA HENVILLE | October 11 2023

While large language models can help with your writing, don’t overlook the benefits of reading your texts out loud or enlisting the help of an academic editor.

BY ROHENE BOUAJRAM | October 03 2023

Welcome to UA’s new column: The Many Faces.

BY JULIEN CAYOUETTE | October 02 2023

As Université de Sudbury hits a wall, other French-language universities in Ontario are experiencing record enrolment.

BY BOB LEMIEUX | September 18 2023

A history lesson on the need to advocate for Canadian fundamental research.

BY MOHAMED BERRADA | September 15 2023

Recent survey results released by Universities Canada show a majority of respondents are committed to integrating Indigenous knowledge into their programs.


Academics recognized for their ability to guide students through their studies talk about their approach to supervision.

BY MOIRA MACDONALD | September 05 2023

How universities are overhauling operations in an effort to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


Are equity, diversity and inclusion criteria and sustainable development goals compatible with academia’s obsession with excellence?

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