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The Black Hole

Quarterly summary: From startups to dropouts

After nearly 10 years, some issues have definitely moved on, but so many are still stuck in really dark and nasty places.


It’s been a long “quarter” – turns out we haven’t summarised our blogging activity since February. Apologies to our readers that rely on these summaries to do their catch-up; we’ll do better in future.

Since this has been such a long period of blogs, the themes are not quite so easy to extract. Jonathan blogged about his experience launching a startup company and on some interpersonal issues like 360 faculty review and researcher vulnerability. And I’ve been even more broad in topic selection, flitting from research-funding perceptions (and realities with NSERC-funding rate discussion) and exploring new ways of communicating academic science alongside understanding the way project proposals get evaluated in the first place. After nearly 10 years of writing articles on the Black Hole blog, some things have definitely moved on, but so many things are still stuck in really dark and nasty places – the fight goes on!

This quarter we’ve been delighted to have guest blogger Kevin Leland and always welcome our readers to submit their stories:

Jonathan and I have also continued to write regularly with our posts summarised below:



Thanks for your attention over the last 10 years. We appreciate all of the great discussions and hope that the next several years will be just as fruitful – we also hope that we can start tracking some real progress in how we educate and train scientists while identifying the best way to move their research out in practical ways in the spaces of medicine and business.

David Kent
Dr. David Kent is a principal investigator at the York Biomedical Research Institute at the University of York, York, UK. He trained at Western University and the University of British Columbia before spending 10 years at the University of Cambridge, UK where he ran his research group until 2019. His laboratory's research focuses on the fundamental biology of blood stem cells and how changes in their regulation lead to cancers. David has a long history of public engagement and outreach including the creation of The Black Hole in 2009.
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